Just in time for the holidays, travel restrictions are loosening up and the tourism sector is enjoying a much-needed boost. Nonetheless, leisure and business travel still entail a range of customer concerns. Keeping valuables protected is an important consideration and one that’s less complicated than some to address.

The ability to lock up cash, jewelry, laptops, small electronics, medications, and other precious items provides hotel, resort, casino, and short-term rental guests with a sense of security. While placing cash, passports, and small items in a hotel safety deposit box may seem a reasonable alternative, high-quality room safes help limit potentially risky personal contact and offer enhanced privacy and accessibility. For Airbnb, VRBO, and other short-term rental property hosts, hotel safes are a good way to ease guests’ fears of a previous occupant having a key to where they’re staying and access to their precious possessions.

Quality in-room electronic safes should be both user-friendly and constructed of heavy-duty steel for enhanced burglary protection. Easy installation and on-call customer support are also must-haves. A safe delivered from across the world without any customer support won’t be of much help if a lock malfunctions or the bolt work jams. US-based American Security (AMSEC) has a proven track record in security and is well-known not only for its proprietary safe manufacturing technologies and customization but for a 24/7 highly-responsive support network.

Digital safes perfect for travel, ideal for home

Given the compact size of hotel safes, they conveniently double as easy-to-hide apartment, shared work space, dorm, or home safes. Installed in concealed locations like closets, home offices, bathrooms, linen or kitchen cabinets, these safes are just right for making sure passports and other vital documents are secure and always at the ready. They’re perfect for keeping wallets, cash, prescription medications, and cannabis products out of roommates’ or kids’ hands, and high-end jewelry inaccessible to workers and home helpers. As a personal-sized secure space, starter residential safe, or complement to a larger unit, hotel-style safes fit almost anywhere and can help you to protect essentials you want to keep within reach.

Home or hotel, the American Security’s IRC916E residential & hotel in-room electronic safe is a leading choice for a small-sized safe made with the quality expertise of a larger model. Designed to be securely bolted to either a wall or floor, it features a pry-resistant recessed door with internal hinges. Its 14-gauge solid steel construction with dual live locking bolts reinforce its advanced anti-theft protection. The safe’s state-of-the-art, UL listed DL6000 electronic lock ensures reliable smooth and easy operation. Its ADA keyboard features a large easy to read LED display with the safe’s status. Users can reset the safe’s four-to-six-digit combination lock whenever they use it. And, if someone forgets their code, an electronic override can be set by security personnel. Another popular feature is called a lock-out penalty. If the safe’s combination is entered incorrectly, the safe will lock up for five minutes, discouraging would-be burglars.

Whether you’re traveling, spending the holidays at home, or providing accommodations for guests whose trust you’ve worked hard to earn, a high-quality hotel room safe can make a world of difference. Don’t let thieves help themselves to your holiday joy!