5 Benefits of Using Smart Safes for Small Businesses

What if you could completely transform how your business handles cash? If you or your employees handle cash, it’s important to have a safe place to store money. And smart safes can protect your money while bringing your business into the 21st century.

On the fence about using smart safes? Keep reading to discover the benefits these safes offer your business!

1. Save Time

When you run a business, “time is money” is more accurate than ever before. And anything you can do to speed up operations for your employees helps you generate a bigger profit.

One of the biggest time sinks for a cash-handling business is counting and tracking that cash. And thanks to human error, there is a chance the money will be counted incorrectly by the end of the night.

Smart safes will quickly count the money with complete precision, saving time and increasing accuracy.

2. Better Accountability

Speaking of handling money, every business could use better financial accountability. For example, if there is less money then there should be at the end of the day, it can be difficult to track down who last handled the cash.

But the smart safe records the unique IDs of every employee who uses the safe. This creates a digital paper trail that ultimately makes the cash easier to audit and employees more accountable.

3. Less Risk of Robbery

No manager or business owner likes to think about getting robbed. Nonetheless, this is always a threat for any business where there is a lot of cash on hand.

Fortunately, smart safes can reduce the risk of robbery by featuring additional layers of electronic security, on top of the mechanical security components.

In other words: it is tough to break into these safes with conventional tools or via hacking. And would-be robbers are more likely to move on and to find an easier target.

4. Secure Online Connection

What if you didn’t have to go down to the safe to count your money? This is actually one of the best features of smart safes!

In addition to the safe automatically counting money you deposit, you can view and manage the money remotely via your computer, phone, or mobile device. Just think: you can take care of business finances without having to leave your home!

5. Real-Time Data

The final benefit is an extension of the previous one: smart safes can provide accurate real-time data whenever you need it.

On the most basic level, this real-time data allows you to respond with more speed and accuracy if something unexpected occurs. And over time, this data can help you seriously improve your business.

For example, analyzing the data can help you determine where there are bottlenecks in your business productivity. By addressing these issues, you can improve your business as a whole.

Smart Safes: Your Next Move

Now you know the benefits of smart safes for your business. But do you know where to find the best safe for your own business?

Here at American Security, we specialize in protecting your money and improving your business. To see what our smart safes can do for you, contact us today!