5 Benefits That a Smart Safe Offers a Carwash

Many car washes nowadays are taking advantage of the latest technologies that allow them to provide a better customer experience and improve their bottom line. From innovative vehicle profiling to digital loyalty programs, technology is helping car washes drive new business and remain competitive.

A smart safe can help car washes improve their cash management practices and adds several additional layers of security. We’re going to look at five benefits that a smart safe offers a car wash and why there’s no better time than now to adopt this new technology for your business.

What is a Smart Safe?

A smart safe operates much like a traditional safe in that it safely and securely stores cash, however, users get the added benefit of having the safe count the currency when deposited.. Smart safes, such as CashWizard from AMSEC, come with anti-pry doors, dead-latch locking mechanisms, and other physical security features that provide increased security for the cash that’s stored inside.

Smart safes help improve cash management procedures by eliminating several daily manual tasks that take up the time of managers and employees. They also help reduce the exposure to both internal and external threats such as human error and theft.

It connects to the internet and offers multiple cash management solutions and several additional layers of security. Business owners can remotely log into their safe from any device and view real-time data, including critical business information, manage users, and run detailed reports.

Improved Efficiencies

A smart safe allows both managers and employees to spend less time counting and dealing with cash and more time running the business. It can help lessen the time it takes for money-counts, register closeouts, and tracking down and reconciling discrepancies.

It can be seamlessly integrated with a POS system and provides an accurate paper trail that helps ensure that all cash is accounted for. At the end of their shift, the safe will record the till balance of the cashiers, thereby freeing them up their time. This helps prevent potential theft, human error, and managers from having to make multiple bank runs.

For those who own multiple car washes, they can remotely administer to their safes from any online device. This multi-location visibility provides access to all aspects of the safe, including daily totals. Reconciliation numbers and critical business stats such as daily reports, business data, and user info can all be viewed from a powerful analytics dashboard.

Improved Counterfeit Detection

Cashiers traditionally use a counterfeit detection pen to identify fake money. However, this method is not fool-proof, and some bogus bills can slip by. Distracted cashiers, human error, or a broken detection pen can result in the business unknowingly accepting counterfeit money.

A smart safe, like the CashWizard from AMSEC, uses state-of-the-art technology to immediately identify counterfeit bills. Unlike a human being, the safe never gets tired or distracted and it remains ever vigilant. When used in conjunction with common-sense practices, it can help put a stop to fake money slipping through.

Lowered Risk

Car washes face many security risks that come from handling large amounts of cash. A smart safe helps prevent cashiers from counting money at the end of the day. Managers will also no longer have to make potentially dangerous runs to the bank.

It can help reduce both internal and external threats and allows for the deposit of money at the cash register. Not only does this reduce the amount of cash in the till, but it also provides a highly safe and secure way of storing it until an armored pickup arrives.

If internal theft is suspected, owners and managers will no longer have to sit and review hundreds of hours of security footage. The smart safe provides a log that can be traced back to the user via their login. This, in and of itself, acts as a powerful deterrent to those employees considering stealing.

Smart Safes: The Way of the Future

Running a business that accepts cash like a carwash comes with increased security risks. The CashWizard smart safe from AMSEC will not only offer owners increased security but helps improve operational efficiencies and cash management practices.

It will ultimately provide peace of mind and allow the car wash to take full advantage of the state-of-the-art technology that comes with every smart safe. If you’d like to learn more about CashWizard smart safes, visit our website.