American Security Launches Tube Vend Dispenser Solution for Improved Cash Management

AMSEC, a leading manufacturer of both traditional and smart safes, is pleased to announce the introduction of their innovative Tube Vend Dispenser that will help businesses improve their cash-management practices.

Most tube vend units require manual counting of deposited money, but AMSEC’s CashWizard Smart Safe has sensors that automatically detect and accurately count the number of tubes being deposited.

Users can log in from any device to a highly secure cloud portal to view the amount of cash and coin they have on hand and easily access Fully Automated Reports for every cash transaction.

AMSEC’s Tube Vend Dispenser helps restaurant and retail organizations manage in-store change, reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline in-store management, and create greater efficiencies in retail operations.

“Our customers are excited to see all of their data at the touch of a button,” said Donny McKay, Vice President of Smart Safes. “Our innovative Tube Vend Dispenser has allowed us to take the concept of cash management to an entirely new level in the smart safe market. When coupled with our cloud solution, it provides tremendous value in terms of both improving security and operational efficiencies.”


AMSEC’s CashWizard line of advanced and highly secure smart safes enable businesses of all sizes to streamline their troublesome and time-consuming cash-management processes by reducing the time spent on manual counts while providing remote connectivity to analytics, critical business data and daily reports.

For over 70 years, AMSEC has been protecting retailer assets with the most reliable and secure safes on the market. We focus heavily on innovation and developing technologically advanced safes to meet the unique needs of our customers.