What’s the Right Cash Management Solution for You?

Cash is still king and as long as your business is accepting cash, you need a cash management solution for optimum efficiency and security.

Will we ever become a cashless society? There’s plenty of speculation on the subject, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Cash is still the predominant form of payment and accounts for one-third of all transactions, so choosing the right cash management solution is still important to your business.

So with that much cash about, commercial businesses need a safe, secure way to handle it. There are different cash management providers which offer a range of services and products, but technology-driven solutions are leading the pack.

Solutions such as web-based software featuring online, real-time access to reporting and account data, first-class customer and IT support, and remote system monitoring offer extensive benefits. And these can all be integrated into a seamless network that includes smart safe technology and transport services.

AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe technology puts the task of cash management into a faster, more efficient, closed-loop cash management experience that offers greater visibility in every cash transaction.

Operational efficiency naturally translates into increased productivity. With conventional cash handling, the multiple touch points and time-consuming processes wear away at operational efficiency. An end-to-end approach to cash handling will save your business time and money, and lessen the need for lengthy employee training. It can also save on labor costs and greatly reduce the margin of human error.

When business runs more efficiently, cash flow is faster and improved. Automation, remote monitoring, built-in diagnostic capabilities, and elimination of touch points also greatly reduce the possibility of downtime or the need for in-person servicing.

CashWizard Smart Safe technology will also mitigate risk. Businesses that accept cash are easy targets for thefts and counterfeiting. The right cash management solution will help diminish these risk factors.

In its own way, every business is unique, so determining the right mix of products and services is an important decision. Creating an optimal configuration that provides the most benefit with the ability to scale is how CashWizard Smart Safe technology can make the difference.

You can configure a CashWizard Smart Safe for a single storefront operation or for a large chain. Expansion peripherals, such as tube vend capabilities or recycling, offer even more flexibility.

Because AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe technology is cloud-based, you get advantages such as these:

  • Scalability – Cloud infrastructure scales on demand to support varying workloads.
  • Tool selection – Users can select from a menu of prebuilt tools and features.
  • Security – Virtual cloud, encryption and API keys help keep data secure.
  • Accessibility – Cloud-based applications accessible from any internet device.
  • Data security – No data loss due to backups.
  • Regular updates – Service providers regularly update offerings.
  • Collaboration – Worldwide access means teams can collaborate anywhere.
  • Competitive edge – Organizations can move more nimbly than competitors.

Resourceful cash management is a key component to running a successful business and CashWizard Smart Safe technology ensures this by providing accessible real-time data and other high performance technological advancements.

Visit our video library to see and hear for yourself why more people choose to CashWizard Smart Safe.