American Security Gun Safes: Unmatched Protection for Your Firearms

Secure your firearms with trusted American craftsmanship


American Security (AMSEC) offers a premier line of gun safes, combining the latest technology with robust construction to ensure the highest level of security for your firearms. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, AMSEC is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of custom, burglary, and fire-resistant safes, meeting a wide variety of insurance classifications. Our gun safes are designed for homeowners, collectors, and professionals who demand the best in theft protection and fire resistance. 

Why choose AMSEC gun safes?


1. Advanced security features

American Security provides the highest level of protection for your firearms and valuables. Our gun safes are meticulously engineered with a focus on durability, security, and fire resistance to meet the needs of both casual gun owners and serious collectors.

  • Robust Construction: Our gun safes are built in accordance with scientifically-proven methods of bolstering performance. We offer our gun safes in a wide variety of construction classifications ranging from the minimum B-Class to our industry leading TL-30×6 rated RF gun safes.
  • High-Security Locks: Featuring high-grade locks tested and verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent third party safety certification and validation company, to resist expert manipulation and forced entry.
  • Pry-Resistant: Features such as anti-pry tabs and high-strength locking bolts keep your valuables secure from unauthorized access.
  • Fire Protection: Certified fire protection ensures your assets are safe in extreme conditions, preserving your peace of mind.

2. Customizable interior

Every gun owner has unique needs when it comes to storing firearms and other valuables. That’s why we offer customizable safes designed to cater to the specific requirements of your collection and lifestyle. Whether you’re a casual shooter or a dedicated collector, our safes provide the flexibility and capacity to securely store a variety of items.

  • Customize your safe with adjustable shelves, gun racks, and door organizers to fit your unique collection and accessibility needs.
  • Our safes can accommodate between 10 to 73 rifles or shotguns, with additional space for ammunition and accessories.
  • Store your long guns, handguns, important documents, cash, tech, and jewelry/heirlooms.   

3. Customer-first technology

When designing our safes, we prioritize the integration of easy-to-use, customer-first technology to enhance both the functionality and security of our safes. Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, we offer a range of high-tech features designed to provide quick access, reliability, and improved conditions for stored items. 

  • Electronic keypads, and EMP-resistant options provide quick access and reliability.
  • Optional features like LED lighting and dehumidifiers enhance preservation and usability.

4. Technical specifications 

Our gun safes are available in various sizes and models, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. From small handgun safes to large rifle cabinets, all are equipped with advanced security features and fire protection.

  • Dimensions: Available in multiple sizes to fit any space requirement.
  • Weight: Constructed to be immovable once set in place, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Capacity: Options range from single handgun storage to safes capable of storing over 73 rifles.


Explore our full product line and find the perfect safe for your needs

From our smaller AM Series Home Security safe, perfect for storing handguns and jewelry, to our larger TF Gun Safe model (pictured), we know you’ll find the exactly the right safe for your household.


UL testing and labeling for unmatched security

When it comes to choosing a gun safe, one of the most critical considerations is the security rating provided by independent testing facilities. American Security gun safes are prominently labeled with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings, a testament to their ability to withstand various types of burglary attacks and environmental hazards.

What is UL testing?

UL is a globally recognized safety certification company that sets stringent standards for the security and durability of safes. A UL label on a safe means it has undergone rigorous testing processes to evaluate its resistance to:

  • Forced entry tools such as drills, hammers, and pry bars.
  • Fire exposure, ensuring that the contents inside the safe remain protected at specific temperatures and durations.

Why UL labels matter

  1. Trust and Reliability: UL labels provide assurance that a safe will perform as advertised, offering reliable protection in critical situations.
  2. Insurance Benefits: Many insurers require UL ratings for safes, especially when insuring high-value items. Having a UL-rated safe can lead to lower insurance premiums.
  3. Compliance: In many cases, UL-rated safes comply with federal or state laws requiring secure firearm storage, potentially mitigating legal risks for gun owners.

What UL labels do our safes offer? 

We are proud to say that American Security is the only gun safe manufacturer to offer UL security protection levels RSC2, TL30, & TL30x6. 

What do our customers say about American Security gun safes?


After the fire, the only things we had left were the firearms and other valuables we’d left in our AMSEC safe. American Security makes an incredible product, and they treated us so incredibly well during all of that.” 

Michael, AMSEC Customer


Tailored solutions for every gun owner

Home defense: Quick access and discrete integration

For homeowners prioritizing defense, American Security offers compact safes that blend seamlessly into any living space while ensuring quick accessibility in times of need. These safes are designed with discrete integration in mind, allowing them to be strategically placed in accessible locations throughout your home. Whether it’s beside your bed or hidden in a closet, our compact safes provide the reliability and rapid access needed to protect yourself and your family effectively.

Hunting & sport shooting

For the avid hunter and shooting sports enthusiast, American Security’s full-size safes are ideal for keeping hunting gear organized and protected while remaining ready for the season. These safes offer ample space not only for rifles and shotguns but also for ammunition and accessories, ensuring that everything you need is in one secure, organized location. Their robust construction protects against both theft and environmental elements, providing peace of mind that your hunting gear is safe and intact.

Tailored for extensive collections

American Security excels in providing custom-configured safes for collectors who possess extensive and varied firearm collections. These safes are designed to accommodate a wide range of firearm types, from vintage pieces to modern tactical weapons, ensuring both optimal display and superior protection. Adjustable shelving, lighting options, and lined interiors enhance visibility and preservation of your prized collection, making these safes an ideal choice for both security and showcasing.

Our top priority? Helping you protect what matters most

At American Security, we understand that securing your firearms goes beyond protection against theft—it’s about ensuring the safety of your family and maintaining responsible gun ownership. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes AMSEC gun safes an essential part of your home security system.