What Makes a CashWizard? 

Designing a smart safe with components that support flexibility

Managing cash efficiently and securely is paramount for every business type, from manufacturing to retail. That’s why our American Security CashWizard Smart Safes are designed to help businesses handle their daily cash transactions. With built-in components such as bill readers and tube vending, this smart safe technology not only boosts operational efficiency but also fortifies the security processes critical to safeguarding financial assets. Here’s a closer look at how these components work together to streamline cash management while prioritizing security at every step.

The SafeWizard smart lock

The SafeWizard lock is part of American Security’s lineup of intelligent safe solutions, designed specifically for businesses looking for advanced security and audit trail capabilities. The SafeWizard is essentially a kind of smart lock, able to be added to any CashWizard smart safe. 

Key features of the SafeWizard smart lock include advanced electronic controls, audit trails, customizable settings, and business integration features for remote management.

The SafeWizard smart lock, through its advanced technological features, is tailored for businesses requiring not only a secure storage solution but also a system that provides comprehensive management and oversight of access to the safe. This makes it particularly suitable for sectors like retail, pharmaceuticals, and any other industry where security and accountability are paramount.

Built-in components for streamlining cash management

Bill Reader: Advanced cash validation

The bill reader is a critical component of the CashWizard safe, responsible for accepting and validating cash deposits. Helping to effectively streamline cash management, the bill reader can quickly and accurately count bills while verifying their authenticity. This reduces the risk of counterfeit money entering the cash cycle and ensures that the business’s cash deposits are precise.

Note storage cassettes

Note storage cassettes can be thought of as containers where notes (i.e., bills) are stacked as they’re deposited into the safe. Housed inside the safe itself, they store the cash securely after it has been validated. These cassettes are configurable based on the volume of cash handling required. Options include varying sizes, such as 1200 or 2200 note capacities, providing flexibility for different business needs.

Connectivity and backend features

The connectivity and backend features of the CashWizard Smart Safe are central to its operational efficiency and advanced security capabilities. By incorporating both Ethernet and cellular connectivity options, the safe ensures robust, continuous communication with the backend cloud infrastructure. This dual connectivity approach allows for greater flexibility and reliability in various business settings, whether there’s stable internet access or a need for mobile-based communications.

This connectivity facilitates enhanced data synchronization, ensuring that transaction records, audit trails, and cash inventory statuses are constantly updated and accessible from remote locations. The cloud-based backend serves as a centralized platform where data from multiple safes across different sites can be aggregated and reviewed. This is especially beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, providing a unified view of cash management operations.

Security features

Includes anti-spread dead latch locking systems and pry-resistant steel doors. These features enhance the physical security of the safe, making it resistant to unauthorized access and tampering.

Change management technology

The ChangeExchange feature within the CashWizard Smart Safe system is a transformative tool that significantly streamlines the change management process. This integrated technology allows employees to place change orders directly through the safe’s interface, specifying the exact denominations required. Once a request is made, the system automatically verifies the availability of funds and processes the order, ensuring that the change is prepared and delivered by armored services at the scheduled time. This method not only simplifies the logistics of obtaining change but also ensures that each transaction is recorded and accounted for, enhancing the traceability and security of cash flows. By automating change management, businesses can maintain better control over their cash reserves, reducing the likelihood of cash shortages or excesses that can impact daily operations. 

SureAccess eliminates that age-old hassle: Keys

SureAccess® is a patent-pending technology app designed to improve the management of safe keys and interactions with armored couriers. Here are its key features and benefits:

  1. Eliminate key management hassles: SureAccess removes the administrative burden of managing physical keys, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.
  2. Reduce operational impact: By eliminating the need for physical keys, SureAccess reduces the operational impact of missed pick-ups or change order deliveries.
  3. Enhanced security and insights: The app provides notifications when a courier attempts entry, ensuring better security and oversight of safe access.
  4. Efficient courier management: SureAccess helps in managing couriers effectively by providing insights and notifications related to courier activities.

These features collectively improve the efficiency, security, and management of safe interactions, making it a valuable tool for businesses that rely on armored couriers for cash handling and transportation​​​​.

Optional manager’s locker

This is an additional secure storage component within the safe, useful for storing important items separately from the cash deposits.