Are you protecting your employees with the right pharmaceutical safe?

AMSEC stands ready to deliver inventive safe technology to healthcare and pharmacy businesses.

Over the last few years, the number of reported drug and medicine thefts has increased at a consistent pace until recently.  Major pharmacies chains are introducing safe technology to reduce robberies and protect high sought-after drugs. Governing organizations are promoting safe drug storage and monitoring the supply to stop illegal selling and use. This has created an increased demand for safes from the healthcare industry and pharmacies.

AMSEC’s Pharmacy Safes mitigate prescription drug burglaries with time delay technology. When the pharmacist needs a drug that is locked inside the safe, they log into the safe and wait a predefined amount of time before the door will open.  Once the time delay has expired, the safe notifies the pharmacist that the door can be opened.  If a perpetrator forces the pharmacist to log into the safe, the door will not open instantly, and the criminal usually leaves prior to the time delay expiring.

The AMSEC Pharmacy safes also include a timed lock feature which restricts the safe door from being opened during off hours.  This feature ensures individuals cannot gain access to the safe when a location is not in operation.

The innovative system has several features in case a burglary or theft is attempted. The lock has an automatic “wrong try” penalty, meaning if the wrong code is keyed several times, it will automatically lock for a preconfigured period of time. There is a duress alarm with a silent signal, that pharmacies can have linked to a monitored alarm system.

AMSEC pharmacy safes can be controlled by various electronic systems each with a different array of management features.  One system allows for remote management of the safe settings, remote user management and email notifications for system events while another system offers a remote indicator light for notification instead of an audible sound.  And depending on the size and layout of your pharmacy, you can choose from several types of safe bodies, from under counter to multiple shelving.

Each AMSEC pharmacy smart safe is equipped with a database that captures and stores each audit. This efficient feature enables managers to know who logs in and out and when so that everyone is accountable for their input.

Having an AMSEC pharmacy safe in your store is a smart decision for your business. You will have peace of mind knowing your employees are safer and more efficient, as well as creating a secure comfort level for your customers. And the money you save by protecting your products makes the initial investment worth-while.

To better understand the full range of features and benefits of our smart safes, contact AMSEC today and let us help you safeguard your pharmacy business.