Be Secure and Versatile With Cashwizard™ Safes

American Security developed the CashWizard line of commercial safes to give our clients peace of mind and ease of use when it comes to cash deposits.

In addition to security, CashWizard safes offer the added benefit of smart technology. With internet connectivity, automatic counting and sorting, and integration with your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can keep track of exactly what you have on hand while it stays securely behind steel.

Plus, CashWizard safes have access to our secure cloud, giving you access to features and services highly customizable to your dispensary’s particular needs,

The learning curve was short, and within a few days of it being installed, we saw a dramatic improvement in how cash was managed, and the employee time that it freed up.

Director of Cannabis and Glass

Cash Management Starts With Cashwizard™️

As a member of the cannabis business, you may know that because of marijuana’s Schedule 1 classification, it makes it difficult in some states for customers to use debit or credit in their transactions. Add to this the fact that many customers choose to use cash for discretion, and it’s no surprise that many dispensaries deal with a lot of cash transactions, and therefore have an abundance of cash on the premises.

Many of our clients describe the struggle of counting piles of cash, and being concerned about the risks of theft or miscounting, not to mention risky trips to the bank. It can also be difficult to determine when to deposit your “nuisance cash”, the cash on hand from slower business days that may not be economically feasible to take to the bank right away because of deposit fees, but is still enough to be risky to keep on the premises.

The CashWizard line of safes allow you to count and keep track of your cash remotely through a totally secure cloud platform while the cash stays securely locked away. Cash is safeguarded and out of harm’s way until it’s time to deposit.


Not all safes are created equal – in fact – not all safes are even safes. Where you buy your safe has everything to do with the quality of your safe. And if you haven’t learned it the hard way yet, make sure you never do – high-value items should be stored in high-value, high-security safes. American Security offers a wide variety of burglary and fire-rated safes to protect your most indispensable assets from going up in smoke. Independently tested and certified by Intertek Laboratories, our premium gun safes feature proprietary DryLight® concrete fill to form a seamless barrier from smoke in case of fire. You can also choose from several RSC Level 1 and II burglary-proof safes made right here in the US. Or turn your back office into a cannabis vault with one of our vault doors. Not sure what safe is right for you? We’ll help you decide.

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