The learning curve was short, and within a few days of it being installed, we saw a dramatic improvement in how cash was managed—and the employee time that it freed up. — DIRECTOR OF CANNABIS AND GLASS

Gianni was facing several recurring cash management issues that threatened to send his revenues up in smoke.

As the Director of Cannabis and Glass, a recreational marijuana dispensary, Gianni Santucci found himself battling multiple recurring issues that stemmed from having too much cash on hand and no real way to manage it effectively.

Located in Spokane, Washington, Cannabis and Glass is a highly rated dispensary that has a steady stream of loyal customers walking through their front doors every hour. As a cash-only business, this meant that money would start to pile up very quickly.

They were using a traditional safe that did little more than store the money. As each business day went by, the cash had to be counted and sent off to the bank multiple times. This made Gianni and the rest of the leadership team very nervous.

Storing and moving large amounts of cash equated to a huge security risk. Not to mention, someone had to manually count all of it before it was sent off to the bank. As time went by, business kept on increasing— and so did the piles of money.

Gianni quickly realized that the current way of managing the cash was not sustainable. “I started to look for a solution that would not only lessen the security risks but improve our cash management practices,” Gianni said. “We were facing multiple recurring issues, such as having to devote many hours every day to performing manual cash counts.”

Gianni and the upper management team sat down and made a list of the cash management problems that they needed to resolve. After listening to recommendations from their colleagues and an exhaustive internet search, they settled on the AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe.

“Based on our research, the CashWizard Smart Safe offered the most value and increased physical security out of all available solutions,” Gianni remarked. “The learning curve was short, and within a few days of it being installed, we saw a dramatic improvement in how cash was managed—and the employee time that it freed up.”

The world-famous budtenders who worked at Cannabis and Glass no longer had to count their drawers or worry about coming up short. They could instead focus their energy on providing fantastic customer service. The store managers breathed a small sigh of relief as they no longer had to count piles of cash in the back nor make potentially dangerous runs to the bank every day.

“We were amazed at how well the CashWizard Smart Safe was able to not only provide us with increased physical security but transformed our cash management practices. At the end of the day, I could log into the secure online portal and view the day’s take and other vital business information through the comprehensive reporting and analytics system.”

“The ease-of-use factor was another huge benefit. It provided us with the ability to drop bills into the feeder and easily remove and replace the cassettes. If we had any questions, a friendly and knowledgeable AMSEC account rep was just a quick phone call away.”

In an industry where cash is king, having good cash management practices is vital to the security and efficient operations of a
retail cannabis store. Gianni and the upper management team at Cannabis and Glass were so happy that they purchased three more for their other retail locations.

“The AMSEC Cash Wizard Smart Safe ultimately provided us with increased peace of mind knowing that we’re efficiently and securely managing our cash.”



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