smart safe for business

Improve Your Company Culture with Smart Safe Technology

Technology has come a long way since time-clocks and typewriters first appeared in the mid-to-late 1800s. Today technology in the workplace, such as the use of smart safe technology, is being adapted to benefit the human experience and bring more efficiency and fewer errors into the equation.

What people expect from technology today is to be more productive, efficient and innovative; stay connected internally and externally; and feel safe and cared for. It should facilitate a culture of efficiency and confidence, along with respect and trust.

Among the many benefits of smart safe technology is how it boosts company morale with its built-in accountability features. A smart safe automatically records all transactions, ensuring maximum cash accountability. It can also be programmed to push data to a store’s point-of-sale system to ensure that all cash sales reported and deposits occur in a timely manner.  It can also be programmed to push data to a store’s point-of-sale system to ensure that all cash sales reported and deposits occur in a timely manner. In this CIO article they discuss these benefits.

When register balances are easily reconciled, it enhances employee productivity. Smart safes alleviate anxiety about handling cash, giving employees a heightened sense of freedom knowing their cash receipts are secure within an automated platform.

The consistent reliability of the AMSEC Smart Safe System and its accountability builds trust among employees and managers. This makes for a friendlier culture when the stress of making mistakes is removed. Less stress means employees are free to be more helpful and courteous to customers and to each other. Taking the worry of errors away creates a more open, healthier environment.

Happier employees generate better customer care, evidence that smart money management is an advantage to everyone: managers, customers, and employees.

The AMSEC Smart Safe System is designed for easy, intuitive training and ease of use. Employees don’t feel intimidated by the technology because it is intuitive to understand. The majority of employees welcome the efficiency smart technology adds to their job performance.

Efficient Employees. Happier Managers.

Restaurant and retail managers embrace the value of smart safe technology for several reasons. First, with the AMSEC Smart Safe System in place, they don’t have to leave the store to make deposits, alleviating the worry of discrepancies, whether internal or external.

Increased Productivity

Smart safe technology such as AMSEC Smart Safe will organically increase business productivity. Well-trained employees are eager to share what they know with new employees. Speaking of which, some employees may pick up on technology quickly, so leverage the experience of employees who adapt quickly to new technology. They can be a boon to further increasing your productivity.

Fast access to relevant data empowers a business to make better decisions. AMSEC Smart Safe supports a broad set of reports that lets you harness and interpret your cash business. Having this kind of data enables your store to make important decisions regarding staffing, security procedures, banking, and more.

The Right Smart Safe Technology

The AMSEC Smart Safe System has centralized management connecting safes via a cloud-based platform and it is accessible from any internet-capable device. It provides easy-to-use customer managed, remote administration of users and automated reports. The user-defined email alerts allow exception-based notifications. Web-based software management provides visibility to critical business information including daily deposits.

AMSEC Smart Safe features include:

  • Superior build including dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors
  • Multi-Door Configuration with up to four single or bunch note bill readers
  • Spill–resistant keypad holding up to 500 users with easy onsite or remote user administration

To achieve greater efficiencies in business is difficult without the right level of intelligent technology. Relevant, real-time and accessible data, all of which AMSEC Smart Safe provides, can enable smart money management and maintain the agility needed to compete and thrive.

Leveraging technology such as the AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe to support employees performance is a popular concept that will continue to evolve and expand. Companies that get it right will attract, engage and retain the brightest, best, and most productive employees.