Advanced Cash Handling Solutions for Your Shop

Convenience stores may be convenient for their customers, but it’s not always convenient for those running the store. When it comes to cash handling, there are a lot of moving parts. For one, counting the bills is a time-consuming, boring task, and it’s particularly prone to human error. Aside from giving you the wrong idea about your totals, these errors can cost you even more money in the form of fees when it comes time to deposit at the bank.

And what about those slow days, when you take in a relatively small amount of cash that’s not worth the bank deposit fee, but still a lot to have lying around, so-called “nuisance cash”?

CashWizard solves both of these problems by accurately counting each bill as it’s deposited securely in the safe. With unparalleled security and reliability, the safe keeps track of your cash, which you can view remotely via a variety of in-depth reports. And since they’re so secure and so accurate, many banks will actually deposit a provisional credit to your account for cash that you’ve stored within a CashWizard safe.

You deserve convenience too. Experience it with CashWizard from American Security.

A Better Tube Vend

Managers shouldn’t have to spend time making change for employees. Program CashWizard to require payment for coin dispenses or set up your safe on time delay for vending. CashWizard’s electronic sensors automatically detect and accurately count the number of tubes being deposited. What’s more, users can log in from any device to a highly secure cloud portal to view the amount of cash and coin they have on hand and easily access fully automated reports for every cash transaction.

Cash Management Starts With Cashwizard™️

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