The CashWizard Smart Safe significantly improved our cash management practices from the day we first installed it.

CFO of Nudy’s Cafes

Put Your Safe to Work, Monitoring Your Cash Flow

CashWizard™ is one of the most useful business safes made by American Security. An invaluable tool for keeping accurate counts, CashWizard further establishes itself as a premier safe for small businesses by integrating smartly with cloud computing technology. A well-crafted API allows you to further boost the efficiency of your business by keeping track of your cash balances, allowing you to monitor your counts remotely via computer, smartphone or tablet. The renowned accuracy of the CashWizard safe ensures each deposit is large enough to be worth any relevant deposit fees, sparing you the burden of fees for miscounted cash.

Depository Safes Offer Big Security for Small Business

Securely store register tills, change orders or commercial deposits with any one of a number of supremely built anti-pry and fish-resistant storage and depository safes from American Security. Our safes can be equipped with a range of locks that come with different feature sets like time delay, time lock and multiuser configurations. As the safe brand recommended by more locksmiths than any other, get peace of mind that your small business is protected by big security solutions from American Security.

Cash Management Starts With Cashwizard™️

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