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How American Security Builds The Best Gun Safes

In a world where security is crucial, protecting your firearms and valuables from burglary attempts is a top priority. American Security (AMSEC) is a leading name in the industry, known for creating some of the best gun safes available. Let’s dig into how AMSEC crafts the most secure gun safe using advanced techniques and innovative designs to protect your assets.

Protect Your Family and Valuables with the Best Gun Safes

For homeowners and gun owners, a good gun safe is more than just a storage unit; it’s a critical component of home security. A well-designed gun safe ensures that firearms are kept out of reach from children and other unauthorized users, preventing accidents and misuse as a result. Additionally, storing your firearms in compliance with state and federal laws is crucial.

Advanced Materials and Anti-Theft Features

AMSEC crafts safes while considering a criminal’s mind, taking into account their tactics, motivations, and patterns of behavior. As a result, we’ve developed innovative security solutions that stay one step ahead of potential threats. By understanding how burglars target safes, our approach counteracts common break-in techniques, ensuring that our end product provides maximum protection.

Enhance Protection Through Fill Materials

We fill the walls of our gun safes with a variety of materials, such as poured concrete between the steel panels. This method significantly bolsters the safe’s resistance to physical attacks, creating a strong barrier against intruders. This concrete can also contain compounds that destroy potential criminals’ tools when attempting to drill into the safes.

Depending on the model, AMSEC also utilizes “DryLight” fill rather than concrete. This material offers superior fire protection due to its excellent insulation properties. Due to its lightweight nature, “DryLight” allows us to incorporate additional steel into the construction without significantly increasing the overall weight of the safe. This blend of materials ensures that our safes provide robust protection against both fire and forced entry, maintaining the high standards of security and reliability that AMSEC is known for. The multi-layered construction enhances durability and resistance to various forms of attack, including prying, drilling, and cutting. Equipped with thick steel plate doors and dual-reinforced door frames, this formidable barrier provides exceptional protection against breaches.

Sophisticated Locking Mechanisms

Locking mechanisms are the heart of any good gun safe. Our electronic locks are UL-rated and built into the safe with drill-resistant hard plates. Depending on the lock you choose, many different features and capabilities are available and provide quick access for the owner.

Reinforced Locking Bolts

These steel locking bolts provide additional security by extending deep into the safe’s body, making it nearly impossible to force the door open. Many of our safes come with a 3-way or 4-way bolt work that prevents unauthorized access as a result of prying one side of the door open.

Substantial Weight

When it comes to safes, heavier is better. Most AMSEC safes are constructed to be significantly heavy, making it extremely difficult for burglars to walk away with hundreds or thousands of pounds of robust material.

Steel Interlocking Construction

AMSEC gun safes feature advanced steel interlocking construction to provide superior strength and security. By integrating “micro-structures” into the body and door of our safes, we enhance the overall strength beyond that of our competitors, even when using the same steel thickness. These micro-structures distribute force more effectively, resisting attempts at prying, drilling, and cutting. This innovative approach fortifies the safe against intrusions ensuring your firearms and valuables are protected with unmatched durability.

Quality Hinges

AMSEC gun safes feature protected hinges that offer an additional layer of security. Even if an intruder manages to remove the hinges, the door will stay intact preventing access to the contents of the safe. This design ensures that the door remains securely locked and impenetrable, providing peace of mind that your valuables are safeguarded against any forced entry attempts.

Certified Protection with RSC and UL Testing

At AMSEC, we provide peace of mind to our customers since many of our safes receive rigorous RSC (Residential Security Container) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) testing certifications. These 3rd party certifications are critical benchmarks in the industry, ensuring that our safes meet stringent security standards.

RSC certification involves testing the safe’s ability to withstand forced entry. During this process, a safe must resist any attacks that require tools such as pry bars, hammers, and screwdrivers for a particular period of time. This ensures that gun owners will feel confident storing their firearms and other valuable possessions in our safes that have received this certification.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tests a variety of security products, including gun safes. UL testing involves exposing safes to various types of assaults, including drilling, cutting, and prying. Safes that earn a UL certification must meet or exceed specific performance criteria, ensuring that they offer protection against sophisticated break-in attempts.

The Most Secure Gun Safe Based on Burglary Ratings

When considering purchasing a safe, make sure to check the burglary ratings. For instance, some of our larger safes like the BFX Gun Safe come with a burglary rating of RSC I. These burglary ratings were established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and can range from the common B Class to UL TL-30×6, which are some of the highest rated. If unsure, check the specifications tab on our safe listings to see where each model ranks on the rating scale. AMSEC stands out as the only manufacturer that sells UL RSC II which outperforms other gun safes with double the security. For those seeking the most secure gun safe in the market, we also sell UL TL-30×6 gun safes that have undergone rigorous testing from all angles to ensure intruders don’t stand a chance.

Purchase the Best Gun Safes for your Valuables

Explore AMSEC’s wide range of available gun safes. For many homeowners, our AM Series is a viable option that comes in three different sizes. If you’re looking for a compact alternative, consider pistol boxes> or under-bed safes for discreet storage. For those who need much more space here are a few of our larger safes:


BFX American Security Safe


BFII American Security Safe


RF American Security Safe


SF American Security Safe


NF American Security Safe

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