Unwavering Security: CF7236 Safe Stands Tall in $800K Burglary 

In a brazen high-profile heist on the night of May 22, 2024, thieves targeted a jewelry store in Glendora, CA, making off with around $800,000 worth of valuables while the owner was away on vacation. With about six hours of uninterrupted access to the store’s three safes, the criminals broke into two but couldn’t breach our TL-30 rated CF7236 safe despite using sophisticated tools and tactics. 

One of the other safes that was broken into.
Image from KTLA5: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/thieves-get-away-with-800k-in-southern-california-jewelry-heist/

The Heist: A Night of Audacity and Intrigue 

The burglars’ audacity was evident as they meticulously planned their break-in through the store’s roof. Equipped with 23 cameras and a sophisticated alarm system, the store seemed impenetrable. However, the thieves swiftly disabled these defenses almost immediately after triggering them. They drilled through the steel doors of two safes, bypassing all countermeasures in place. They got away with a significant amount of personal and customers’ jewelry, guns, and nearly $1 million in cash and diamonds. 

“It feels like I’m in a nightmare,” lamented the shop owner. “They got my personal jewelry, customers’ jewelry. They got my gun, my wife’s gun as a matter of fact too,” he told ABC7. 

Jewelry store owner standing in front of American Security CF7236 safe that wasn't broken into.
Image from KTLA5: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/thieves-get-away-with-800k-in-southern-california-jewelry-heist/

The CF7236 Safe: A Beacon of Resilience 

Despite these extreme circumstances, the CF7236 safe proved its strength, thanks to its robust construction and unique textured material. While the other safes succumbed to the persistent drilling and cutting, our American Security CF7236 TL-30 Amvault High Security Safe sustained damage but prevented all attempts to open and access its contents.

The body has a total thickness of 3½”, enclosing a high-density composite material mixed with nuggets and steel fibers. This combination forms a strong barrier capable of withstanding concentrated attacks with sophisticated equipment. 

American Security CF7236 safe damaged, but not broken into.
Image from ABC7: https://abc7.com/post/detectives-investigating-theft-worth-800000-glendora-jewelry-store/14854324/

Defense Mechanisms 

Additionally, the CF7236 TL-30 Amvault High Security Safe incorporates several advanced security features: 

  • A reinforced drill-resistant door frame protects against severe side attacks. 
  • A proprietary inner barrier guards against peeling attacks. 
  • High-strength adjustable shelves ensure secure storage for valuables. 
  • The locking mechanism includes six to ten massive 1½” diameter chrome-plated solid steel locking bolts that move deep into the body’s protected bolt chambers. 

These features collectively made it impossible for the burglars to breach the CF7236 safe, unlike the other two safes in the store. 

Even though the store’s advanced security systems failed to alert the authorities in time, the CF7236 safe withstood hours of relentless attacks, preventing further losses. “They were here all night,” recounted the owner. “It took them from about 11:30 pm until like 6 in the morning.” 

Locking Mechanism 

The CF7236 TL-30 safe is equipped with a U.L. listed Group II key changeable combination lock, protected by a massive drill-shattering hard plate and two additional spring-loaded devices. 

As ABC7’s Rob McMillan pointed out the damage to the American Security safe, he noted, “You can tell they sure tried,” emphasizing that despite their efforts, the thieves couldn’t get inside. 

This incident serves as a testament to the resilience and reliability of American Security products. When the unthinkable happens, rest assured that our safes are designed to protect what matters most. 

Stay secure with American Security—your ultimate line of defense against theft and burglary. 



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