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The New American Standard

Creating a new brand identity can be a polarizing exercise. Something that speaks so closely to the soul of an organization is bound to elicit many responses and challenges. It has to be right.

When it is the first major brand update in 28 years for an industry leader, the stakes are raised even higher.

There were many factors to consider when the project team embarked on developing a new brand identity for the American Security Products Company (AMSEC).

AMSEC has been protecting the assets of residential and business customers for more than 65 years. It is an organization that prides itself on quality. Strength, Security and Reliability are all hallmarks of the AMSEC brand.

Headquartered in Fontana, CA, AMSEC is also an industry pioneer in design and engineering. The new identity had to reflect Technology and Innovation in the digital age.

And there was the iconic AMSEC eagle, an element that has been featured on residential safes for many years and has become associated with the brand in a deeper way, representing the organization’s great commitment to Service.

“We wanted to create a heroic icon,” said Reuben Miller of Dallas-based PullPin Studios, who was the lead designer on the project. “One that communicates strength and agility in the digital age. The new AMSEC identity represents a global protective force that has the strength and speed to protect assets in multiple locations at once.”

Strength. Security. Technology. Reliability…and an iconic Eagle. All of these elements are prominently communicated in the new brand identity for AMSEC.

It features a bold new AMSEC typeface, along with an evolution of the primary blue colorway and the words “American Security” confidently displayed in gray. A distinctive, modern AMSEC Eagle icon soars above the lettering. The new eagle is an inverted “A” representing the “American” title.

The unveiling of the new brand identity coincides with the introduction of the innovative AMSEC CashWizard smart safe product series. Both represent the bold future of AMSEC in distinct ways.

With its advanced analytics and legendary AMSEC production quality, the CashWizard is leading a revolution in the smart safe industry focused on empowering customers and business. Learn more about CashWizard smart safe products.

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