CashWizard Smart Safes

Welcome To The New CashWizard

Welcome to the new CashWizard blog!  My name is David Lazier, and I am President of the American Security Products Company (AMSEC).

We look forward to sharing ideas with you in this space that add value to your business.  We are fortunate to work with many great companies, large and small.  They inspire us each day to deliver at the highest levels.  We will be sharing their stories on achieving breakthrough results, along with other insights related to Cash Management, Asset Protection and Technology.

First, I would like to share the story of our new CashWizard smart safe and how its revolutionary design was developed in partnership with our customers.

At AMSEC, we have been making safes for almost 70 years.  Our company started in 1946, and since then, we have been protecting the cash of leading retailers with the most secure and reliable safes available.

We are not only proud of our rich history, we are also innovating new products for the future.  In developing new products, we always start by listening to customers.

When talking about smart safes, we consistently heard that customers wanted a more reliable and secure solution that had full-featured connectivity.  Customers wanted to be able to administer their fleet of smart safes through a variety of devices, like their desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

And that is how the idea of the CashWizard was born.  We heard what people wanted and knew that with our rich legacy and intimate knowledge of the industry, we would be able to answer the call.  We assembled a leading team of more than 25 hardware and software engineers and developed a breakthrough product that will change the way you think about cash management.

The CashWizard family uses state-of-the-art technology to automate processes and manage data.  It allows retailers to manage cash with unparalleled security, accuracy and connectivity.  CashWizard delivers on our passion and commitment to bring only the best to our industry.

You can learn more about the new CashWizard on this site and please look forward to more updates from the AMSEC and CashWizard teams!