Unlock the secret to simplified change ordering and reconciliation – here’s how

As a result of the pandemic businesses were forced to adapt to new challenges. During this process improvement period, light was shone on existing areas of improvement.

Retail businesses spend an undue amount of labor time on cash handling tasks. One task in particular, is managing change or change orders. This can be taxing, and often fraught with errors, causing multiple parties having to get involved to resolve.

While order placing has evolved over recent years, discrepancies and reconciliations have not been widely addressed. Most banks have an online form or other user-friendly method to capture requests. But, for regular retail operators this adds complexity as it requires a corporate or administrative user with authorized credentials to access the portal to submit the request. Most importantly, this method does not account for the timing of the request submission and actual fulfillment of it, potentially causing a reconciliation nightmare. Often times, retailers bank with different institutions, causing change order placement to become a repetitive task across banks.

ChangeExchange® from America Security is the only smart safe solution providing single-point change ordering. 

CashWizard™ from American Security is the only smart safe solution provider offering patented single-point change ordering – no matter where you bank, or how many banks you bank with.  Configuring the ChangeExchange® feature is easy to do so that all your change ordering takes place in one place.  

By entering their unique user PIN at the safe, employees can request the desired change amount, identifying the denominations breakdown; this can be set to be delivered at their next scheduled armored car pick-up or later, if preferred. Change orders can only be placed when paid for in full. Because CashWizard counts and keeps track of money deposited, employees can choose to make a deposit to pay for the change order or simply apply existing funds in the safe, you are always in balance.

What if I bank with multiple partners?  

Because the bank relationships can be configured in the CashWizard secure cloud portal, change requests placed at the safe are verified and transmitted to the corresponding bank for fulfilment and delivery via armored courier.

With ChangeExchange seamlessly order, track and auto reconcile change orders so you’re always in balance.  

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