‘Snake Burglar’ doesn’t even attempt to break into American Security safe

On January 25 a thief, known as the ‘Snake Burglar,’ was caught on security surveillance slithering his way around a Riverside, CA business. But the burglar completely passes up an American Security BWB2020FL depository safe that can be seen in plain view. The thief appears to have raided and ransacked the contents of the filing cabinet and desk on either side of the safe, and unfortunately, did manage to get away with $50,000 worth of unsecured property.

So why didn’t the thief bother with the depository safe?

85% of break-ins are committed by amateurs. And burglars rather remove a safe from the location than try and open it on the premises. Thieves with advanced practice in cracking safes, and who are familiar with most major safe companies, will avoid messing with safes that they know are verified high security and impervious to attack.

Last month American Security published an article about upping your home and business protection with a high security safe amidst a rise in smash and grab robberies sweeping major metropolitan cities in Southern California and other parts of the US. Over the last two years, the US has witnessed a series of spikes in crime which in turn have driven up demand for increased security measures that include dogs, surveillance systems, guns and, of course, safes.

A high security safe keeps valuables like jewelry, cash, and sensitive documents from ending up in the wrong hands. High security safes come in a variety of sizes and security ratings and can also have added protection features like drywall or concrete filler offering protection against fire as well. The AmVault TL-15 and -30 series from American Security are perfect for home or business and feature both burglary and fire protection.

If you run a business that accepts cash you may have need of either a smart safe or traditional depository safe. A traditional depository safe – like the one passed up by the ‘Snake Burglar’ – is usually wide enough to accommodate cash register trays, may feature coin racks, and should be constructed in a manner that makes penetration near impossible with reinforced hinges, door jams, locking mechanisms and steel plating.

A smart safe, like American Security’s CashWizard™️ save your retail business time and money by simplifying and automating most cash management practices while providing total visibility to your treasury department via secured cloud reporting.

Whatever you’re securing, American Security has a safe to fit your needs.

Visit the KTLA News 5 website for more on the ‘Snake Burglar’ story.

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