Get Smart. Take CONTROL of Your Cash Business

Let’s talk money. If your business is a retail store, pawnshop, jewelry shop, fast-food restaurant, dispensary, or another cash-heavy establishment, you know how cash management can easily become one of the most consuming and labor-intensive aspects of your work. This is especially true if you have numerous employees who regularly deposit cash in your safe. While ensuring that deposits are secure and kept in a first-rate safe is of foremost importance, upgrading to a Smart Safe can dramatically increase your control of any business with a preponderance of cash transactions.

Unlike digital safes that are designed for businesses without many depositors and that might need to stash other valuables in addition to money, American Security CashWizard Smart Safes are the perfect multi-user solution for managing cash deposits, whether you have a staff of five or 500. The safes allow each person to have a unique pin number that automatically tracks their deposits. This can significantly reduce time spent on manual cash counts and lower the risk of cashier errors. Smart Safes can also enhance each employee’s accountability for their daily deposits.

By simplifying and automating many routine tasks, CashWizard Smart Safes empower managers to focus more on growing and maintaining the business than micromanaging shift deposits. Wherever your busy schedule takes you – the back office, head office, trade show, vacation, or maybe working from home, CashWizard cloud-based technology enables you to remotely track deposits and monitor balances, in near real-time. A simple and intuitive interface on your tablet, phone, or desktop computer provides access to analytics, critical business data, daily reports, and a patented change-order system, whenever you need them. Your SmartSafe can also communicate directly with a financial institution of your choosing, alerting it to deposit details before it even leaves the premises. And, each CashWizard Smart Safe has the capacity to uniformly stack different denominations of bills and detect counterfeit money, further mechanizing your cash processing.

If you have a fast-food restaurant, dispensary, or convenience store you know how quickly cash registers can fill up and that exposure to theft is always a looming issue. Installing a Smart Safe, just below the counter, is your best option for securely managing a busy, cash-heavy environment with multiple cashiers. No more slowing down the register between shifts.

Perhaps you run a beauty salon and the cash component of your business flows at a slightly slower pace, with a few days or more between trips to the bank. A CashWizard Smart Safe means that on-site, or remotely, you can confirm daily deposits and know who made them. You’ll receive the data you need to analyze trends and develop informed growth strategies.

Or, let’s say your business has multiple locations. Smart Safes are a great way to develop continuity in the management processes across sites and to more easily analyze day-part revenues that can dictate important operational decisions.

SureAccessTM for your armored courier

CashWizard Smart Safes also help business owners work more efficiently than ever with their armored courier to promote safety, accuracy, and minimize loss. American Security recently debuted its patented SureAccessTM, keyless courier app, which further streamlines courier interactions by ensuring access to depository safes without a physical key that could be lost or require replacing with a new safe purchase.

Cash is Boss

Whether your cash deposits are picked up daily by an armored courier or you personally bring it to the bank once a week, installing a Cash Wizard SmartSafe is a smart move that can save time, increase precision and productivity, and limit discrepancies in your accounting.