Up Your Protection with a High-Security Safe

Smash-and-grab robberies? Follow-home incidents? Tech-savvy gangs and lone wolf criminals? Alarming crime stories on the front pages of newspapers across the country can’t help but keep businesses and homeowners on edge, scrambling to assess whether their valuables are as secure as they can be.

A recent article by the consumer financial services company, Bankrate, recounts the FBI statistic that there are more than 1 million burglaries each year in the U.S. — a new one occurring nearly every 26 seconds. Every 26 seconds?!? So, how can you defend yourself from becoming one of them?

When it comes to theft, locked doors, cameras, alarms, and security lighting are your first line of defense. But, once your home or workplace is breached, a quality safe becomes the ultimate key to securing cash, prized possessions, important documents, and other media. Safes come in all shapes and sizes, but essential to their integrity is how they’re constructed. Some can effectively shield your valuables from burglars but others can be broken into with a quick series of blows to the door or sides. Some locks are built to withstand almost any break-in attempt, but there are plenty on the market that can be quickly busted open with any decent set of tools.

Certain safes are so small and lightweight that thieves can walk off with them, nearly as easily as cigar boxes. Check out these recent heists at a Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in New York and at the Pancakes and Waffles restaurant in Oahu, Hawaii.

According to InForum, a city official in Fargo, North Dakota recently remarked on a spate of safe local burglaries by saying, “Some of the safes are being cut open, while others are being carried out on a dolly. The suspects are in and out within four minutes or less usually.”

Buying a lousy safe is like stepping into a rainstorm carrying an umbrella with holes in it. If you don’t invest in a product that suits your needs, it’s hardly worth buying at all.

The best way to preserve valuable or irreplaceable property at businesses like jewelry stores, dispensaries, banks, and antique or pawn shops, is with high-security safes that can effectively foil even the most skillful intruders. These safes are constructed with businesses in mind but are also suited to residences, especially when there are unique and high-value items, jewelry, or cash to protect.

AMVAULT TL-30 and TL-15 high-security safes from American Security are engineered to protect valuables from fire, heat, and even the most industrious criminals. They are available in a wide range of sizes and offer customization options that can accommodate almost any configuration. Every AMVAULT commercial-grade safe includes a U.L. listed label for its ability to fend off arduous break-in attempts with tools such as sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and drills.

The AMVAULT TL-30 high-security safe series earned a U.L. listed TL-30 classification for their ability to handle full-throttle break-in attempts for 30 minutes. AMVAULT TL-15 High-Security Safes carry a U.L. listed TL-15 classification for successfully resisting the same grueling attack for 15 minutes.

Along with protection from break-ins, all AMVAULT safes also have two-hour, 350-degree factory fire test certifications, and are engineered to insulate precious contents from intense heat and flame.

The integrity of these top-of-the-line safes is confirmed by their insurability. With the TL-15’s door proving tool resistant for at least 15 minutes, your safe’s contents are potentially insured for up to $125,000. The TL-30s have doors that have demonstrated tool resistance for a minimum of 30 minutes and are potentially insurable for up to $250,000.

In these days of ever more clever, nefarious, and brazen thieves, upgrading to a high-security, user-friendly safe, specifically suited to your business or home, is the best investment you can make for peace of mind.

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