What Is a Smart Safe and Why Does Your Retail Cannabis Businesses Need Them?

When it comes to your shop, you’ve thought of everything, right? Applied for all the permits, found a location with good visibility and foot traffic, created an unforgettable brand, aligned yourself with the right product vendors, hired knowledgeable bud tenders and even an armed guard or two. But is it enough?

Employee theft, burglary, accidental loss – these are real threats you and every other retailer face every day. Transactions commonly linked to shrink include open drawers, voids, and manual discounts. And in 2019, shrink in the retail industry totaled an estimated $50 billion according to the National Retail Federation’s annual security survey. But there’s one tool that retailers are turning to every day to help them prevent theft and accidental loss – that’s a smart safe – like the CashWizard™ from American Security.

Keep reading to discover why this special safe is so important to your business!

What Is a Smart Safe?

Our guide is going to review why your retail business needs this kind of safe. But first, we need to answer the question: what is a smart safe?

In short, a smart safe uses “smart” technology to capture information about every single transaction. This includes the date and time of the deposit, the amount of the deposit, and who made the deposit. A smart safe can also provide retailers with provisional credit from their bank, let you manage couriers, and request change orders. And managers and owners of the business can access the smart safe data remotely at any time from a computer or smartphone.

Saving Time With a Smart Safe

Now that you know what a smart safe is, the next question is simple: why should your retail cannabis business use such a safe? And one of the best answers is that it will save you countless hours of time.

By using smart safes, businesses must focus a lot of time and effort on dual-authentication practices. While these practices have kept things safe and secure in the past, they monopolize much of your time.

These safes provide the business security you need while giving you more time to focus on customer service, employee training, and brand building.

Increased Efficiency

When you own a retail cannabis business, you know that “time is money” isn’t just a phrase. And part of why we love smart safes is that they make running your business that much more efficient.

The fact that you can remotely access the smart data means that your accounting services become more efficient overnight. And the way the safe records transactional data means that your loss prevention practices will also be that much more efficient.

In other words, smart safes help you save time and money. And that’s the best kind of investment you can make!

Secure Money

Of course, the primary role of any safe for your business is to protect your money. And we are happy to report that smart safes secure your money like never before.

First of all, the safe makes your secure deposit process safer and more efficient. This alone is a powerful way to secure your money.

Second, using this safe reduces how much time the money is visible and exposed. This is a great way to prevent thefts of opportunity.

Finally, smart safes are designed to only allow a chosen company to retrieve the deposited cash. This further reduces the risk of theft.

Your Next Move

Now you know why a smart safe is such a “smart” move for your business. But do you know who can provide the safe you need?

Here at American Security, we specialize in consumer and business security solutions for cannabis and other retail enterprises. To see what we can do to safeguard your money and your business, contact us today!