American Security Locks

American Security has long been a pioneer in safe lock technology. In 1990, the company released the KPL100, the first electronic lock retrofittable into standard high-security safes. Seven years later, ESL10 and ESL20 electronic safe locks were debuted. With their unrivaled match of features and function, they remain the industry standard for security and reliability. The ESL10 excels as a basic keypad lock for home or office safes, while the ESL20 incorporates sophisticated commercial applications. The ESL5 is another basic keypad model offering exceptional value when replacing most mechanical locks.

The SafeWizard II was introduced in 2016. With a vast menu of innovative tools, it remains the most flexible and powerful safe access control system available. Designed to retrofit most mechanical or electronic locks, it enables network access via Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

American Security’s ESLAudit II electronic locks simplify safe access management with an integrated USB port. The lock accommodates up to 40 individual users, each with customized privileges, and also retrofits most mechanical or electronic locks.

The hybrid Rotobolt Redundant Safe Lock matches the convenience of an electronic lock with the trusted reliability of a mechanical combination lock. A variety of mechanical locks are also available.

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