Tube Vend Gives Managers a Break from Being the Banker

Be free of daily hassle supplying change to the tills with AMSEC’s smart Tube Vend technology.

Retail managers have enough to do running an efficient business without the daily chore of manually providing change to the cashier each time they need a roll of currency. That’s what makes the advanced technology of AMSEC’s Tube Vend such a smart choice– with automated sensors that detect and accurately count the number of tubes being deposited and dispensed.

AMSEC’s Tube Vend helps convenience stores and gas stations manage in-store change, reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline store management, and create greater efficiencies in overall retail operations. And it’s so easy to use. CashWizard tube vend dispenser is always a welcome addition to cash management.

The manager loads each tube with either notes or coins and deposits the tubes into the machine, the tubes are recorded in the audit and the inventory is automatically tracked as it is dispensed by authorized store personnel.

Users can log in from any digital device to a highly secure cloud portal to view the amount of cash and coin they have on hand. The easy access to fully automated reports keeps track of every cash transaction.

At the end of each day, a report will show how much cash has been removed by each employee using their user PIN. The report will also show the amount of cash deposited into the note validators or into the manual drop slot.

Being able to see the totals of all transactions by User makes the manager’s job of balancing each cashier against their cash sales much easier and faster. Tube vend inventory reports show the manager how much change is required to load the unit.

The CashWizard system can be configured to allow vending with time delay or require users to pay for the change before it is dispensed.  If using the vending mode, a custom time delay can be configured to discourage robbery.

AMSEC’s Smart Safe under-counter technology protects your cash with each transaction, making it secure for employees and customers alike. You can use the CashWizard system with armored courier service, but it is not required.  Our software allows you to monitor your cash at all times from any digital device no matter where you are. You’ll have an ‘eyes on’ view of who is doing what and when.

A leading manufacturer of both traditional and smart safe innovation, AMSEC sees the tube vend dispenser solution as a smart, effective way to give busy retail stores, especially convenience operations, a way to improve their cash management practices.

Convenience stores and gas stations are very busy places, with customers coming and going, and the flow of business in perpetual motion. In fact, a survey of convenience store trends shows that about 30 percent of customers say they visit their local store about two or three times per week.  Managers and employees really can’t do much business when they’re stuck in the back office manually counting cash. Tube Vend eliminates this roadblock and frees up time for helping valued customers.

Managers can say good-by to time-consuming manual processes that are easily replaced by AMSEC’s CashWizard Smart Safe automation such as Tube Vend, while also providing remote connectivity to analytics, critical business data, and daily reports from the office, home, or wherever there’s an internet connection.

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