AMSEC Has the Best Solution for Your Cash Management Needs

Give your business the advantage of proven smart safe technology and trusted craftsmanship.

Your ultimate cash management solution begins with a smart safe called CashWizard®.  Cash management is a challenge for any retail business, but it can be a measurably big problem for the cannabis business because of marijuana’s Schedule 1 classification. In some states it’s difficult for customers to use debit or credit in their transactions, so cash it must be. Discretion is another reason why customers might choose to use cash. The point is an abundance of cash on the premises is a potential risk that you don’t have to take.

While the cannabis business may be considered a fairly new industry, the fact is, the cannabis business is good and likely to become even better. All the more reason to add the benefit of smart technology that will provide security, streamlined processing, and the answer to cash management difficulties.

AMSEC developed the CashWizard line of smart safes to give clients peace of mind and ease of use when it comes to cash management. With internet connectivity, automatic counting and sorting, and reports and configurations available from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can keep track of exact deposited amounts while it stays securely behind steel.

CashWizard Smart Safe  has a host of reports, allowing you to tailor and prioritize your reporting to suit your business needs. There’s an alert function which lets you customize your alerts for specific events or users and near real-time monitoring which enables users to monitor activity at one or multiple locations, anytime, anywhere.

By adding the huge benefit of CashWizard’s automation to your cash management, your business will be more efficient and reliable than ever before. CashWizard helps to ensure your dispensary’s cash is  accounted and secure around the clock.

Employees love CashWizard for many reasons, such as not having to count stacks of money with the concern of miscounting or risky trips to the bank. Only authorized staff have access to the smart safe, so it creates an environment of accountability which is good for everyone. With a CashWizard Smart Safe you can count and keep track of your cash remotely through the totally secure cloud platform while your cash stays locked away until it’s time for a deposit.

AMSEC partners with some of the industry’s best-trusted and most reliable cannabis-friendly financial institutions and couriers, so we can help you safely and securely transport funds to the bank and receive provisional daily credit on deposited funds.

AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe technology puts the task of cash management into a faster, more efficient, closed-loop cash management experience that offers greater visibility in every cash transaction.

Today more than ever, businesses need to be agile — via computer, tablet, or mobile phone — in the office, in the field, or on the road. That’s exactly the level of convenience, access, and security that cloud computing provides with CashWizard Smart Safe.

If you’re ready to move up to a technology-driven business safe, the CashWizard Smart Safe from AMSEC is your best choice. Contact us for a Free Demo of CashWizard.