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American Security safes offers the best in home and business security for whatever you hold most valuable. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from actual consumers of our safe products and decide for yourself. For 75 years we’ve kept the main thing – the main thing – and that’s security. Our home and business safes have been field-tested by hundreds of thousands of individuals just like you and stood up to their promise. If it’s gotta be safe, it’s gotta be American Security.

House Explosion Featured Image

House Explosion

In the early hours of March 21st, 2014, an explosion rocked a neighborhood in Lancaster County, SC. The explosion completely destroyed one home and damaged several others.
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Poinsettia Fire Featured Image

Poinsettia Fire

In May of 2014, a wildfire roared through the Carlsbad community in Southern California, damaging 600 acres of land and dozens of homes.
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4th of July Fire Featured Image

4th of July Fire

July 4th we were at a family members house down the road having dinner. All of a sudden we hear a really big boom and it came from my house.
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Carr Fire Featured Image

Carr Fire

They took a few important papers and a few items of clothes. Upon returning they discovered complete devastation. Sadly, along with 1,000 other homes, theirs was lost.
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Chelan Winery Fire Featured Image

Chelan Winery Fire

AMSEC Customers in Chelan Washington might remember the 2013 fire at the Four Lakes Chelan Winery, owned by Don Koester.
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Brett Wiles Featured Image

Brett Wiles

Brett Wiles became a highly successful restaurant operator by subscribing to one simple philosophy... The Golden Rule.
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CKE Featured Image

CKE Restaurants

What transpired over the next several months was a painstaking process to build a custom smart safe solution for CKE. One that would allow the operators of CKE’s flagship Carl’s Jr. stores to not only protect their assets but also win back their most precious commodity...time.
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George Webb Featured Image

George Webb

As a successful franchise owner of multiple George Webb restaurants in the Milwaukee area, Aldridge built his business through a mix of quality people, efficient operations (enabled by technology) and a commitment to C.Q.C.
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