How Can a Smart Safe Help during the Busiest Time of Year?

Enjoy the holiday season more knowing that your cash management is operating at peak performance.

While it may be “the most wonderful time of the year…” as the song goes, the holidays are also the busiest. And with all the commotion of shoppers, crowded parking, Christmas music over the loudspeaker, and cash registers opening and closing, pinging and dinging comes…

Cash handling issues!

Retail businesses experience the crux of the problem more than any other, especially if there are multiple points of sale. Cash in, cash out, counting, recounting, calculating errors, reporting, bank reconciliation, and so it goes.

But wait! What would the scenario look like if there was an AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe on site?

With CashWizard Smart Safe the funds are tracked at each juncture. Users log into the safe and the CashWizard reads and verifies bills while checking for counterfeits. CashWizard keeps track of users who are working each register and what monies are accepted throughout the day.

Instead of counting till sweeps at the end of a shift, cashiers are able to run reports showing number of drops made into the safe. Managers can pull shift and end of day reports easily. Plus, CashWizard works with armored carriers for a seamless process.

CashWizard can be set up so that HQ and other designated users can remotely run reports, change configurations, and enroll new users. You can also set up email notifications to alert you whenever the safe is opened or closed, when couriers pickups occur, or when certain cash thresholds are reached.

The CashWizard Smart Safe has a fully web-based system that gives you access to a wide range of reports. Some of these include:

  • Adjustments
  • Audits
  • Courier Pick Ups
  • Shift Changes
  • Inventory
  • Users
  • End of Day
  • Last Transmission
  • And many more features

Because CashWizard reporting tools can be customized to each customer’s needs, it is especially convenient for businesses that have different multiple franchises in different locations.

A  CashWizard Smart Safe will:

  • Increase asset security and employee safety
  • Free up managers’ time for other tasks
  • Streamline business processes to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Decrease costs
  • Eliminate errors

Because CashWizard Smart Safes are so reliable, these are a few key reasons to put one to work for you:

  • Superior build including dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors
  • Multi Door Configuration with up to four single or bunch note bill readers
  • Bill readers that identify fraudulent notes
  • Spill-resistant keypad holding up to 500 users with easy onsite or remote user administration
  • Web-based software management providing visibility to real-time business information including daily deposits
  • Programmable feature to push data to store’s point-of-sale system, ensuring all cash sales reported and deposits occur in a timely manner.

Why not simplify your cash management life and cut down on losses with CashWizard Smart Safe? Give yourself the gift of less stress and more efficiency. Your employees will thank you for it and be much happier. And with happier employees, business will run smoother. There are many reasons how a CashWizard Smart Safe can improve your life at work. You deserve to leave at the end of the day and know that business is safe, secure, and thriving.

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Real-Time Data is a Direct Line to Efficient Cash Management

Take the stress out of cash management and keep a vigilant eye on what’s happening in real-time.

Managers know the value of having access to real-time data because it allows them to know what’s going on at a glance. They also know that when managing the flow of cash in their business, immediate, real-time data can mean the difference in avoiding inconsistencies and getting stymied by errors. A CashWIzard Smart Safe provides access to real-time data and more.

Having real-time data at your fingertips, means you can respond with greater speed and accuracy to customers, vendors, affiliates, as well as employees. Real-time data also improves overall operational efficiency.

For instance, let’s say you manage a business and you have several different locations where cash must be accounted for and accumulated for deposit at different times during a 24-hour period. Coordinating the cash management process with real-time data gives you the edge you need to save time and money, as well as avoid errors.

A real-time data dashboard helps a restaurant franchise owner, for example, who has multiple locations, to immediately see what’s happening in each location. This helps identify where bottlenecks are occurring or where employees or supervisors need to respond more quickly or assign different people to a particular job.

Real-time data helps to keep employees motivated because when they see how they are performing and what is expected of them, they can make on-the-spot corrections to better reach performance standards. Real-time data shows where additional attention is needed and where requirements are being met.

Real-time data helps managers to more easily identify outstanding performance by employees, as well as those who need more guidance. This can allow superior performers to be more easily recognized and rewarded for their work.

There are many reasons why the functionality of real-time data in a CashWizard Smart Safe add to the efficiency of your job. These remarkable smart safes are fast, accurate, and transparent. Your data transfers from the smart safe to the cloud and is exportable to multiple file formats.

You can control what information you want to see and when, along with deciding who has access to any of the variable fields. From inventory levels to user activity to business daily reports or email alerts, all of these features and more are mobile and can be accessed from various devices anytime, anywhere.

Investing in a CashWizard Smart Safe streamlines your cash management process and frees up managers’ time. Exceptional benefits offered by CashWizard Smart Safe include:

  • Centralized management connecting safes via cloud-based platform accessible from any internet capable device
  • Provides easy to use customer managed, remote administration of users and reports
  • User-defined email alerts for exception-based management
  • Push-based API for cash transactions integrating with POS systems and reconciliation software

Resourceful cash management is a key component to running a successful business and CashWizard Smart Safe technology ensures this by providing accessible real-time data and other high performance technological advancements.

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