5 Reasons You Should Own a Gun Safe at Home

Did you know that almost 100 Americans die every single day from gun violence?

If you’ve bought a gun or are thinking of buying one, you should know it’s crucial to have a high-quality safe for them too. Keep reading to learn the top 5 reasons you should own a gun safe at home.

1. Ensure Your Family’s Safety

Did you know that storing your guns and ammo within a locked safe can reduce the risk of injury or death by almost 80%?

Such a whopping statistic should not be taken lightly. Many people buy guns with protection in mind. However, if your gun isn’t stored in a safe, then you could be risking your loved one’s lives instead of saving them.

2. Protect Your Investments

Guns are an asset that can be passed down through the generations. However, they only last for as long as you take care of them.

Buying protection for guns ensures that your investment in them are protected. Safes come in a variety of protection levels, and aside from keeping out ordinary dust and dirt, fire- and burglary-rated safes are designed (at varying degrees) to stand up to environmental disasters and burglary attacks, which can threaten the integrity of your fire arms. In some instances, a wildfire could destroy your house and your guns would still be protected within a high-quality safe.

3. They Keep Things Legal

Buying a gun safe is critical to following the law. States like California and Georgia mandate guns be kept away from children or anyone who is prohibited from interacting with a firearm. Failure to do so carries a charge of up to a year in prison. By keeping up to date with your state’s gun storage laws, you can prevent accidents and also reduce your chances of being sued.

4. Reduce Theft

Burglary is still one of the most common crimes in the country. After spending hundreds of dollars on the guns themselves, the last thing you’d want is for someone to steal them.

A reliable safe can prevent break-ins or someone simply stealing it right from your home!

5. They Aren’t Just for Guns

When one mentions a gun safe, the safe’s primary function is clear. However, that function extends to important documents, jewelry, and any other irreplaceable items. You can rest assured knowing that all of your most meaningful items are secure in one impenetrable place.

Ready to Have a Home Gun Safe?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 reasons you should own a gun safe at home, you can take the next steps to ensure you, your family, and your guns are safe.

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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Home Safes

Do you know the secret to protect your most valuable possessions?

From your guns to your memorabilia, nothing protects your possessions quite like a home safe. However, it can be difficult to find the best possible safe for your particular needs.

Wondering how to find the best safe? Keep reading to discover the top factors to consider when choosing home safes.

1. The Fire Rating

It’s scary to think about, but one of the biggest threats to your possessions is a home fire. Therefore, you need to check the fire rating for any safe that you intend to buy.

The fire rating lets you know how many hours a safe can withstand being in a fire before the possessions inside burn. It’s good to have a minimum fire rating of one hour, though a higher rating will protect your goods for a longer time.

2. The Burglary Rating

Another important factor is the burglary rating. This applies to all types of safes and lets you know how difficult it is for a burglar to break into the safe.

Keep in mind that high-tech modern burglars may come at the safe with everything from a blowtorch to high-tech decryption software. For maximum protection, you need to choose a safe with a better-than-average cash rating.

3. Safe Size

Some of the factors you should consider before buying a safe are more obvious than others. For example, safe size should be one of your primary considerations.

This decision may be harder to make than you think. Obviously, a larger safe gives you more room to store additional items, but may take up more room in your home than you were expecting.

We recommend first figuring out what you want to store in the safe. Next, buy a safe that is slightly larger just in case you need to put more items inside in the future.

4. Safe Portability

One of the factors related to the size of the safe is the portability of the safe. You basically have two choices: the safe can either be completely portable or fixed in a permanent location on the floor or wall.

However, since a portable safe is easy to move, but it may also be easy for a burglar to move. Be sure to consider your safe cannot simply be picked up and carried away before you make your purchase.

5. Your Budget

The final factor when choosing home safes is very straightforward. You need to determine exactly how much money you are ready to spend.

Many safes offer a dizzying array of features. However, you need to prioritize functionality over features. You need to find a safe that offers the features and functionality you expect and budget accordingly.

Finally, consider the value of the items you will be storing. Simply put, high-value items do not belong in a cheap safe. If you are storing very valuable items, you need a premium safe to protect them.

Choosing Home Safes: Your Next Move

Now you know the most important factors when choosing home safes. But do you know which safes offer the best value for your money?

Here at American Security, we specialize in protecting both businesses and homes. If you have any questions about protecting your most valuable possessions, contact us today!