The Software Side of Smart Safes: The Customer Cloud Portal 

From middle management to the C suite, today’s workforce are looking for technological solutions to cash management. Business owners and their hardworking staff crave what we at AMSEC would call smart capabilities—intuitive customer interface, custom configuration, remote management, etc.— to better facilitate cash flow and tools for improved efficiency. Our team at AMSEC recognizes these needs as indicative of a single truth: Automated and secure cash management is no longer just an option; it’s crucial to running efficient operations. That’s why we designed our smart safe customer cloud portal as a way of packing automation and efficiency into a single line of site.

A user-friendly solution to streamlining gaps in cash management, our customer portal can help you create an integrated ecosystem that ensures not only the efficiency, but also the security, of cash handling operations. By providing real-time connectivity, our smart safe cloud enables continuous monitoring of cash levels and transactions, remote management of safe settings, and seamless financial integrations. 


A smart, user-first solution

Using connectivity to power integration

Our smart safe customer cloud portal is the heart and soul of our smart safe technology, enabling the integration capabilities that business owners need to run a smooth operation. Our smart safe cloud is a comprehensive platform that provides real-time connectivity and integration between the safe, financial institutions, and armored couriers. This interconnected ecosystem ensures that cash handling is not only efficient but also secure.

Key features of the smart safe customer cloud

  • Updated monitoring: The cloud platform allows for continuous monitoring of cash levels and transactions. Business owners and managers can access this information remotely, ensuring they have up-to-date insights into their cash flow.
  • Remote management: The smart safe cloud enables remote configuration and management of the safe. Users can adjust settings, add or remove users, and manage access levels without physically interacting with the safe.
  • Seamless integration with financial institutions: The cloud platform integrates seamlessly with various financial institutions. This integration enables features like provisional daily credit, where cash deposited into the safe is credited to the business’s bank account within twenty-four hours, improving cash flow management.
  • Vendor management and transparency: The cloud platform provides businesses with advanced vendor management capabilities, enhancing transparency and offering valuable insights into courier services. Although the cloud itself does not schedule pickups directly, it allows the customer to monitor their relationship with their courier—is the pick-up going to be late? Has it been pushed a day? Has it been missed?—which in turn allows the customer to quickly address the situation.

Smart safe cloud connectivity: How it works

The smart safe cloud is a powerful platform that enables full remote management of deployed smart safes, ensuring that businesses can efficiently monitor and control their cash management processes. Here’s a breakdown of how cloud connectivity works.

1. User-friendly portal


The cloud portal also includes comprehensive management capabilities at the company, group, or individual safe level, allowing customers to configure settings such as End of Day (EOD) timing, lock delays, and user access and permissions. All of these configurations can be managed remotely, enhancing operational flexibility and security.

In addition to these management features, the portal offers the option to subscribe to email alert notifications for over 40 different events, enhancing proactive monitoring and response. Popular alerts include Missed EOD transmission, which indicates connectivity issues; Cassette % Complete for CashWizard (CW) customers, alerting them when safes are nearing capacity; and Missed Courier Pickup, which is useful for scheduling necessary off-cycle pickups. For those with SafeWizard (SW) installation, Extended Door Open alerts are particularly valuable as they help monitor employee behavior and ensure adherence to standard operating procedures by notifying when a door is left open longer than expected.

2. Access control and partitioning

The cloud allows for unparalleled customization of cloud user roles tailored to specific user needs and responsibilities. It allows for highly granular access, where users may be granted permissions to interact with an individual safe, a group of safes, all safes within a company, or even across multiple companies for partners or American Security administrators. 

For example, the treasury team can access all reports without the permissions to configure locks, which are necessary for the loss prevention team, while the IT team can monitor connectivity and IP addresses without accessing the contents of the safes. Such partitioning guarantees that each user accesses only the information and controls pertinent to their role, thereby bolstering both security and operational efficiency. 


Additionally, the cloud platform is single sign-on (SSO) capable, facilitating seamless user management which is particularly useful in addressing turnover and mitigating associated risks. This feature streamlines the process of adding or revoking access, ensuring that user transitions do not impact the security or functionality of the safe management system.

3. Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting is a key feature of the cloud, enabling users to access, view, and export reports directly from the cloud portal in various formats such as CSV, Excel, or PDF. These reports can be customized to be delivered daily or as required, and they can be tailored to specific needs, whether for the entire company, a group of safes, or a single safe.

The most frequently utilized reports include:

  • End of Day Report
  • Courier Pick-up Report
  • Cassette Percentage Full Report
  • Audit Report
  • Missed Courier Pickup Report

Additionally, transaction-based activity can be accessed through a REST API, an essential function for enterprise customers who wish to integrate smart safe data into their existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or BI (Business Intelligence) tools. This integration capability supports enhanced data analysis and operational efficiency across larger business systems.

The smart safe cloud in your hands

Whether you’re tweaking settings from the comfort of your office or checking up on your cash flow from halfway around the world, this platform puts the control squarely in your hands. It’s about making your life easier, your operations smoother, and your cash handling secure

CashWizard Smart Safes: Your Financial Looking Glass For Simplified Cash Management

The advent of smart safes changed the way business owners handle cash. When smart safes first hit the market, they did so with a single assertion: Safes should not merely be a secure container for your cash; with the technology available today, safes should be sophisticated ecosystems that integrate cutting-edge technology to streamline cash management. 

That said, let’s explore the ins and outs of this groundbreaking solution. For decision makers in a hurry, we hope to demonstrate how our smart safes not only secure and manage your cash, but completely transform how you interact with every dollar in your domain.

The basics: What exactly is a smart safe? 

A smart safe is an intelligent system that offers real-time insights into your cash management process. Smart safes are powerful, tech-savvy guardians of your liquidity, designed to give business owners peace of mind and an iron grip on their cash operations. In more practical terms, they are revolutionary devices that combine robust physical security with intelligent software, automating cash handling, enhancing accuracy, and providing real-time financial insights.

Why AMSEC’s CashWizard stands out

With the smart safe crusade transforming businesses, American Security set out to design the most flexible and effective variant of the technology. We created CashWizard Smart Safes as a comprehensive solution designed with discerning businesses in mind. They epitomize efficiency without abandoning customization, offering a suite of standard features like automated bill counting, counterfeit detection, and seamless banking integration with additional customization options like tube vends, manager lockers, or adjustments to the size of the safe itself. This smart safe is the financial looking glass through which businesses can view and control their cash flow with clarity and precision.

Summary of features

  • Automated cash processing: CashWizard Smart Safes automate the cash handling process, from validation and counting to secure storage, reducing manual intervention and associated risks.
  • Advanced security protocols: These smart safes are fortified with state-of-the-art security features, including simplified access controls, time-delayed entry, and anti-tampering mechanisms, safeguarding against both external threats and internal fraud.
  • Fast financial insights: With integrated analytics and reporting tools, CashWizard provides a comprehensive overview of your cash status, enabling informed decision-making and financial planning.
  • Seamless integration: The smart safes integrate effortlessly with your existing financial systems, ensuring a harmonious workflow and simplified cash reconciliation processes.
  • Remote management capability: Through cloud-based technology, manage your cash operations from anywhere, anytime, offering unmatched flexibility and control.

Flexibility & customization: The cornerstones of CashWizard Smart Safes

The CashWizard series by American Security redefines the traditional safe, offering unparalleled customization to fit the unique needs of every business. Flexibility lies at the heart of these smart safes, ensuring that business owners don’t have to compromise on their requirements.

Tailor-made features

  • Tube vending: Businesses can eliminate time-consuming manual cash handling, secure their operations, and focus more on customer service and other critical business activities​​.
  • Bill reader options: Choose from 1 to 4 bill reader configurations, each capable of handling either single or bunch note transactions. This range accommodates varying volumes of cash handling, allowing businesses to scale their operations without worrying about cash management limitations.
  • Note cassette capacities: With options for 1,200 or 2,200 note cassettes, businesses can select a capacity that aligns with their daily cash flow. This means less frequent courier requests for busy establishments, and suitable storage for smaller operations.
  • Additional storage solutions: The inclusion of manager’s lockers and side cars offers extra storage for non-cash items or overflow, adding another layer of convenience and customization.

Ownership and value

  • Asset ownership: When you invest in a CashWizard Smart Safe, it becomes your asset. Unlike hardware-as-a-service models used by many of today’s smart safe companies (in which businesses are charged for safe rental and accompanying software), there are no recurring costs for the hardware itself, offering high value and low total cost of ownership. 
    • (contrast with how competitors lock you into a contract.)
    • AMSEC allows flexibility to work with whoever (financial institution) you want; competitors don’t. 
  • Flexible acquisition: Whether you prefer to purchase directly or finance the hardware, options are available to suit your budgeting strategy. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can enhance their cash management systems without financial strain.

Unmatched customer service

  • Direct manufacturer support: American Security takes pride in providing direct, US-based customer support available 24/7. This means you’ll always have expert help on hand, day or night.
  • Efficient problem resolution: With a 70% over-the-phone resolution rate, most issues are resolved without the need for onsite service, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Prompt onsite response: Should the need arise, an onsite response is guaranteed within 24 hours for most locations, seven days a week. This rapid service commitment minimizes downtime and ensures your safe is always functioning.

Combining the magic of software with safes

Cloud-based remote management stands as the revolutionary feature of smart safes, embodying convenience and control at the fingertips of business owners. This technology epitomizes the ease and sophistication of smart safe software, offering an unparalleled user experience.

Seamless integration and accessibility

The cloud-based system of smart safes allows for seamless integration into your existing financial infrastructure. With intuitive interfaces, these systems are designed for ease of use, ensuring that even those with minimal technical expertise can navigate the platform effortlessly. 

This accessibility is crucial for businesses aiming to streamline their cash management processes without the need for extensive training or technical support.

Real-time data for fast and accurate decision making

The real-time reporting capabilities of smart safes provide immediate access to cash status and transaction history, facilitating informed decision-making. This constant flow of data ensures that business owners can make strategic financial decisions swiftly, leveraging the insights gleaned from detailed analytics and reports.

Customizable alerts and notifications

Smart safe software enables the customization of alerts and notifications, allowing businesses to set parameters that suit their specific needs. Whether it’s a capacity alert, a tamper notification, or a scheduled report, the system ensures that you stay informed about every aspect of your cash management system, providing peace of mind and operational control.

Enhanced security and efficiency

The cloud-based platform not only enhances security by providing encrypted data transfer and storage but also streamlines operations by automating various cash management tasks. This efficiency reduces the administrative burden on staff, allowing them to focus on core business activities while the smart safe handles the complexities of cash management.

Ushering in a new era of cash logistics

Change ordering made simple

Change ordering is often fraught with complexities and time-consuming processes. Smart safes revolutionize this task by offering a simplified and automated change ordering system.

  1. Automated change ordering process – Business owners can easily request change directly from the safe’s interface, specifying the denominations and quantities needed. No more manual order forms or phone calls to banks. 
  2. Direct integration with financial institutions – Smart safes are directly integrated with financial institutions, allowing for real-time processing of change orders. 
  3. Streamlined reconciliation – Since every transaction is recorded and integrated into the business’s financial reports, reconciling change orders with bank statements becomes a straightforward task, reducing the time and effort required for end-of-month accounting.

Averting courier crises with smart technology

The traditional method of cash transportation can often feel like a gamble, reliant on the punctuality and reliability of armored courier services. Yet, in today’s high-stakes business environment, leaving such a critical component to chance is not a viable option. This is where the CashWizard Smart Safe series shines, integrating smart technology to streamline and secure the entire cash management process, particularly when it comes to couriers.

  1. Timeliness ensured with scheduling and alertsWith the CashWizard smart safes, you gain control over courier interactions through automated scheduling and real-time alerts. The system ensures that cash pickups and deliveries are never missed or overlooked. If a scheduled pickup hasn’t occurred, the smart safe system immediately notifies the appropriate personnel, preventing the cash overflow or shortage issues that can throw a wrench into daily operations.
  2. Digital records put an end to disputesLost in transit? Discrepancies in amounts? These common courier crises become a thing of the past with CashWizard. Every transaction, deposit, and pickup is logged digitally, creating an indisputable record that can quickly resolve disputes and confirm that every dollar is accounted for.
  3. Responding to courier challenges, swiftly and accuratelyThe smart technology of CashWizard safes empowers businesses to make informed decisions. For instance, if couriers are consistently late, data from the smart safe can be used to negotiate better service terms or even to select a more reliable courier partner, ensuring that your cash management is both secure and efficient.
  4. Trust built-in: Choose a courier of your choice – Other smart safes often force buyers into a binding contract with a specific courier, whereas CashWizard Smart Safes allow you to negotiate any length of contract with a courier of your choosing. Reduce organizational stress by establishing a relationship with a courier you trust. 

Tube vend dispenser for management accountability and simplicity 

Designed to automate and simplify in-store change management, the system employs advanced optical sensors to accurately count and track the inventory of tubes, both loaded and dispensed. This allows managers to monitor cash and coin levels securely online, ensuring efficient operation and reducing the risk of internal theft.

Innovative in design, the CashWizard tube vend system supports organizations such as convenience stores and gas stations in managing in-store cash/change, enhancing operational efficiency, and streamlining store management. The system’s ease of use is complemented by its ability to provide comprehensive transaction reports, ensuring accountability for mid- to lower-level management and facilitating quick reconciliation of cash handled by other employees.

Understanding smart safe burglary ratings 

Third party testing vs. in-house assessment

Most safe companies create their products based on their own set of criteria and testing protocols. However, American Security (AMSEC) prioritizes verified security assurances by subjecting their safes to rigorous third-party testing and validation.

AMSEC partners with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a not-for-profit independent testing organization with over a century of experience in product safety certification. UL’s stringent burglary rating tests, ranging from the RSC (Residential Security Container) rating to the high-security ratings like TL-15 and TL-30, are internationally recognized standards. A UL rating signifies that a safe has endured and resisted entry from various break-in methods using specific tools within a designated time frame.

Which brings us to burglary ratings. Burglary ratings are assurances of resilience, a scientifically-tested and proven testament to a safe’s ability to withstand robbery and other types of unauthorized access attempts. The CashWizard Smart Safe series is engineered with these standards in mind, providing top-tier protection that’s been rigorously tested and verified.

B-Rate and above

B-rate construction: The CashWizard Smart Safes start with solid B-Rate construction, which provides a fundamental level of security suitable for many businesses. This includes a locking mechanism and a robust metal body that can deter casual burglary attempts.

Enhanced protection: The UL ratings

  • UL ratings: For heightened security needs, the CashWizard Smart Safes can come with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings like TL-15 and TL-30. These safes have been tested to withstand rigorous break-in attempts with tools for a duration of 15 or 30 minutes, respectively.
  • TL-15: A UL TL-15 rating means the safe has been constructed with features that will resist entry for a minimum of 15 minutes when attacked with common mechanical and electrical tools.
  • TL-30: The UL TL-30 rating takes it further, offering double the resistance time against more sophisticated attacks, ensuring that your assets are protected even under concerted burglary efforts.

Customizable security: Fit for your needs

In addition to their built-in resistance, CashWizard Smart Safes can be outfitted with additional security features, such as seismic sensors, glass relockers, and anti-pry doors, enhancing their defensive capabilities to meet specific security requirements.

Smart safes as a strategic asset

Investing in a CashWizard Smart Safe is more than a security measure; it’s a strategic business decision. By automating cash handling, reducing shrinkage, and providing actionable financial insights, these smart safes help businesses optimize their cash flow, improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall profitability.