Cash Management During the Holidays is Easier and More Secure with CashWizard

When your retail cash management is at peak performance, your holiday revenue is higher, too.

Retailers experience first-hand the frenzy of holiday sales, especially if there are multiple points of sale in the store. Cash in, cash out, counting, recounting, calculating errors, reporting, managing change and change orders, bank reconciliations, and so on.

But there is a solution to cash management problems. It’s CashWizard®  Smart Safe from American Security and it’s a huge benefit to retailers–especially during the holiday season.

With CashWizard Smart Safe, money is tracked at each step of a transaction. Users log into the smart safe and the CashWizard reads and verifies bills while checking for counterfeits. CashWizard keeps track of users who use the safe, what monies are deposited throughout the day and detailed event logs.

Instead of counting the till at the end of a shift, cashiers are able to run reports showing the number of drops made into the safe. Managers can pull reports that show the shift and end of day balances. CashWizard works seamlessly with armored carriers, adding more convenience to the process.

CashWizard can be set up so that managers and other designated users can remotely run reports, change configurations, and enroll new users. You can also set up email notifications to alert whenever a safe is opened or closed, when a courier pickup occurs or is missed, when certain cash thresholds are reached and a variety of more options.

The CashWizard Smart Safe is a fully web-based system that gives you access to a wide selection of reports which include:

  • End of Day
  • Courier Pickups
  • Missed courier pickups
  • Detailed Audit logs
  • Change orders
  • Adjustments
  • Inventory
  • Users
  • Last Transmission
  • And other helpful features

Because CashWizard reporting can be easily customized to each customer’s needs, it’s especially convenient for businesses that have multiple safes in different locations.

A  CashWizard Smart Safe  will:

  • Increase asset security and employee safety
  • Free up managers’ time for other tasks
  • Streamline business processes to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Decrease labor and courier costs
  • Eliminate errors

Because CashWizard Smart Safes  are so reliable, these are a few key reasons to put one to work for you:

  • Superior build including dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors
  • Multi-Door Configuration with up to four single or bunch note bill readers
  • Bill readers that identify fraudulent notes
  • Spill-resistant keypad holding up to 500 users with easy onsite or remote user administration
  • Web-based software management providing visibility to real-time business information including daily deposits
  • Programmable feature to push data via API to the customer’s designated endpoint, allowing for near real-time transaction reporting in the customer’s tool of preference.

As the holiday season approaches, think about giving yourself the gift of less stress and more efficiency in your retail business. Your employees will love CashWizard and be happier, more productive and more accountable. Managers and business owners will love CashWizard because it frees up time to run the business and interact more with customers. It’s a win for everyone.

And it’s not too late to get your own CashWizard Smart Safe before the holidays! Connect here to get a Free Demo of CashWizard! Discover for yourself how it takes the chaos out of the holiday crunch and provides streamlined cash management all year long.

AMSEC Has the Best Solution for Your Cash Management Needs

Give your business the advantage of proven smart safe technology and trusted craftsmanship.

Your ultimate cash management solution begins with a smart safe called CashWizard®.  Cash management is a challenge for any retail business, but it can be a measurably big problem for the cannabis business because of marijuana’s Schedule 1 classification. In some states it’s difficult for customers to use debit or credit in their transactions, so cash it must be. Discretion is another reason why customers might choose to use cash. The point is an abundance of cash on the premises is a potential risk that you don’t have to take.

While the cannabis business may be considered a fairly new industry, the fact is, the cannabis business is good and likely to become even better. All the more reason to add the benefit of smart technology that will provide security, streamlined processing, and the answer to cash management difficulties.

AMSEC developed the CashWizard line of smart safes to give clients peace of mind and ease of use when it comes to cash management. With internet connectivity, automatic counting and sorting, and reports and configurations available from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can keep track of exact deposited amounts while it stays securely behind steel.

CashWizard Smart Safe  has a host of reports, allowing you to tailor and prioritize your reporting to suit your business needs. There’s an alert function which lets you customize your alerts for specific events or users and near real-time monitoring which enables users to monitor activity at one or multiple locations, anytime, anywhere.

By adding the huge benefit of CashWizard’s automation to your cash management, your business will be more efficient and reliable than ever before. CashWizard helps to ensure your dispensary’s cash is  accounted and secure around the clock.

Employees love CashWizard for many reasons, such as not having to count stacks of money with the concern of miscounting or risky trips to the bank. Only authorized staff have access to the smart safe, so it creates an environment of accountability which is good for everyone. With a CashWizard Smart Safe you can count and keep track of your cash remotely through the totally secure cloud platform while your cash stays locked away until it’s time for a deposit.

AMSEC partners with some of the industry’s best-trusted and most reliable cannabis-friendly financial institutions and couriers, so we can help you safely and securely transport funds to the bank and receive provisional daily credit on deposited funds.

AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe technology puts the task of cash management into a faster, more efficient, closed-loop cash management experience that offers greater visibility in every cash transaction.

Today more than ever, businesses need to be agile — via computer, tablet, or mobile phone — in the office, in the field, or on the road. That’s exactly the level of convenience, access, and security that cloud computing provides with CashWizard Smart Safe.

If you’re ready to move up to a technology-driven business safe, the CashWizard Smart Safe from AMSEC is your best choice. Contact us for a Free Demo of CashWizard.

Advantages of Using Cash and Having a Cash-Based Business

As long as your business is processing above average transactions in cash, you need a cash management solution such as CashWizard® for optimum efficiency and security.

Will we ever become a cashless society? While there’s plenty of speculation on the subject, it’s not likely to occur anytime soon. Cash is still the predominant form of payment and accounts for one-third of all transactions. According to data from Intuit, around 55 percent of small businesses don’t accept credit cards. Another survey found that 72 percent of business owners don’t prefer credit card payments, and there are many reasons for this.

Smaller retail businesses say that paying with plastic makes things more complicated. It involves more bookkeeping and you have to wait a few days for your money. Plastic also requires slow machines, which have become even slower since chip chip-enabled cards were introduced.

When your business is dollar-bill-friendly, consumers without traditional bank accounts can easily buy your goods and services. Also, putting an ATM in your business is a good way to encourage your customers to pay with paper.

For businesses that encourage paying by cash, there’s a need for a safe that can securely and efficiently handle it. Although there are different cash management providers which offer a range of services and products, technology-driven solutions are leading the pack.

Solutions such as web-based software featuring online, real-time access to reporting and account data, first-class customer and IT support, and remote system monitoring offer extensive benefits. And these can all be integrated into a seamless network that includes smart safe technology and transport services.

AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe technology puts the task of cash management into a faster, more efficient, closed-loop cash management experience that offers greater visibility in every cash transaction.

Operational efficiency naturally translates into increased productivity. With conventional cash handling, the multiple touchpoints and time-consuming processes wear away at operational efficiency. An end-to-end approach to cash handling will save your business time and money, and lessen the need for lengthy employee training. It can also save on labor costs and greatly reduce the margin of human error.

When business runs more efficiently, cash flow is faster and improved. Automation, remote monitoring, built-in diagnostic capabilities, and elimination of touch points also greatly reduce the possibility of downtime or the need for in-person servicing.

CashWizard Smart Safe  technology will also mitigate risk. Businesses that accept cash are easy targets for thefts and counterfeiting. The right cash management solution will help diminish these risk factors.

In its own way, every business is unique, so determining the right mix of products and services is an important decision. Creating an optimal configuration that provides the most benefit with the ability to scale is how CashWizard Smart Safe technology can make the difference.

You can configure a CashWizard Smart Safe for a single storefront operation or for a large chain. Expansion peripherals, such as coin and note dispensing, tube vend capabilities, or recycling, offer even more flexibility.

CashWizard’s industry-leading cloud-based technology reduces time spent on manual counts by providing easy access to analytics, critical business data, and daily reports.

Our patented change-order system called Change Exchange®  helps you focus on running your businesses instead of running to the bank. CashWizard smart safes allow you to:

  • Streamline change-order placement and tracking.
  • Make fewer trips to the bank.
  • Gain online visibility into your cash deposits and change orders.
  • Securely store cash.

Effective cash management is a key component to running a successful business and CashWizard Smart Safe technology ensures this by providing accessible real-time data and other high performance technological advancements. Request a Demo and discover how to enhance your cash management.