Make the Smart Choice: Cloud-Based CashWizard 

Harness the power of CashWizard for real-time, secure business and cash management in a preferred cloud environment.

While it may sound oversimplified, it’s far from it. Cloud computing gives you endless benefits well beyond saving time and money. Choosing a fully web-based CashWizard Smart Safe for business will reveal the multiple cloud benefits to boost business productivity, improve team collaboration, and stimulate ideas and innovation. 

In the retail world, managing cash is a major priority. Successful cash management requires having real-time access to the cash data: where it is in the pipeline; who the users are who handle it; what the end of day tally looks like; and identifying any issues. These are parts of the process you may not always have access to unless you’re using a cloud-based CashWizard Smart Safe. Read on to learn some of the features that make CashWizard Smart Safe a popular choice among retailers.

CashWizard Smart Safe has a host of reporting tools, allowing you to tailor and prioritize your reporting functions to suit business needs. If you have franchises in several locations, for instance, each set of reporting functions can be uniquely formatted for each of the different locations.

There is an alert function which lets you customize your alerts. If a problem arises, CashWizard Smart Safe will notify you and others  who should be aware or take action and correct the issue immediately. You can set up email alerts and decide who gets what and when. All present to go out when you want them to.

Real-time monitoring is another valuable feature of CashWizard Smart Safe. From one central place, managers are able to monitor activity at multiple locations. This increased visibility adds to the overall accountability of the business. The person in charge knows what’s going on around the clock.

As data continues to transform businesses, CashWizard offers an array of analytics that lets managers keep track of their cash data via the streamlined, cloud-based software or through  an easy-to-use API, too . No matter where you are, you can access Cash/Wizard from one device and know immediately how operations are functioning.

The robust cash management solution provided by CashWizard provides security measures that enable cash-based businesses to operate with much greater efficiency while reducing the risk of theft.

More than ever, businesses need to be agile — via computer, tablet, or mobile phone — in the office, in the field, or on the road. That’s exactly the level of convenience and access that cloud computing provides with CashWizard Smart Safe. 

If you’re ready to move up to a technology-driven business safe, the CashWizard Smart Safe from American Security is your best choice. For a CashWizard product demonstration, fill out a product interest request and we will be in touch right away. Thanks for your interest in CashWizard Smart Safe. We look forward to hearing from you.

Change Exchange® Takes the Pain Out of Change Order Management

One of the biggest challenges for retail businesses is cash management. Retail owners and managers spend excessive time managing cash and change orders only to have human errors slow down the process even more.

For retail managers who must get corporate or administrative authorization to access the portal to submit a change order request, the process is even more bogged down and time- consuming. Never mind this doesn’t consider the timing of the request and actual fulfillment of it, potentially causing more reconciliation slowdown.

Change management is handled by most banks with an online order form, however, discrepancies and reconciliations have not always been scrutinized well enough to fix the problems. Now there’s a smart way around such snags.

AMSEC has the solution. 

Change Exchange is the only smart safe solution providing patented single-point change ordering with CashWizard. No matter where you bank or how many banks you do business with, Change Exchange is easy to learn, implement, and use. All of your change ordering is done in one place. Here’s how it works.

Authorized safe users can log into the safe and request the desired change amount and identify the needed denomination breakdown.

The change order request can be set to be delivered at the next scheduled armored car pick-up or a later time. Change orders can only be placed when paid for in full.

CashWizard counts and keeps track of money deposited, and employees can choose to make a deposit to pay for the change order or simply apply existing funds in the safe. This ensures balance at each step.

CashWizard Smart Safes  automate manual tasks that are prone to human error and theft, enhancing your cash management by:

  • Making sure your money is safer.
  • Helping your staff be less stressed.
  • Simplifying your operations.
  • Reducing your costs.
  • Improving your bottom line.

If you bank with different financial institutions, CashWizard can be configured to transmit change order requests to the corresponding banks and provide delivery via armored courier.

Thanks to advanced and fully integrated cloud technology, CashWizard Smart Safe will count each note as it’s deposited into the safe, sidestepping manual counts, and avoiding miscounts and associated fees. Together CashWizard and Change Exchange modernize the cash management process. Watch the video to see how they work together.

Other Change Exchange advantages include:

  • A choice of manual orders within customized limits or standing orders.
  • Customized change order parameters set per location with set-up controls for order cut off times, payment methods, number of orders, denominations allowed, and total allowable value.
  • More than 95 banks are currently integrated with our ChangeExchange technology.
  • A variety of consolidated reporting features.
  • Technology that works with most armored courier providers, national and regional.

Process efficiency, time saved, and more productive employees are just a few of the benefits of Change Exchange from AMSEC. It’s possible to seamlessly order, track, and auto reconcile change orders in such a way as to diminish discrepancies and consistently provide an accurate balance with each transaction.

For a product demonstration of CashWizard with Change Exchange call (800) 421-6142 or fill out a product interest request.

AMSEC will be attending the annual 23RD AFP TRADE SHOW in Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 23. If you’re planning to attend, we hope you’ll stop by Booth 459 and say hello.

Business Owners Who ‘Get It’ Probably Own a Smart Safe 

Putting smart safe technology to work for you streamlines your business operations. 

While traditional business safes may likely continue to have a place in some businesses, the undeniable fact is that the technology in smart safes such as CashWizardTM, offers multiple security advantages, while saving time and money.

Cash management is a major feature of CashWizard, along with improving operational efficiencies, accessing near real-time data and reporting,  and considerably reducing risk of theft.

A smart safe offers a robust cash management solution coupled with state-of-the-art security measures that enable cash-based businesses to operate more efficiently.

AMSEC’s CashWizard is a highly secure mini-vault with dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors. Its technologically advanced smart computer inside is designed to manage all aspects of cash management while freeing up time for employees and managers.

ChangeExchange®  from AMSEC is the only smart safe solution providing single-point change ordering. 

Cash handling is a task that comes with working in most any retail business. Managing change or change orders can be particularly demanding. Besides being time consuming, this task is often rife with errors, causing more people to get involved to resolve the problem.

Most banks have an online form or other user-friendly method to capture change requests. But, for regular retail employees it adds complexity, requiring a corporate or administrative user with authorized credentials to access the portal to submit the request.

Most importantly, this method does not account for the timing of the request submission and actual fulfillment of it, often causing  reconciliation snafus. Many times, a retailer may do business with different banks, causing change order management to be even more complex.

You Have Access to a Wealth of Data

CashWizard gives you access to critical data, analytics, and reports via a highly secure, cloud-based management portal. It reduces the amount of time you would normally spend on cash counts. Managers have complete and total visibility of all critical business information such as daily deposits, daily cash volumes, and deposit tracking. You have access to determine accountability since you can know who is doing what and when they’re doing it.

You Gain Operational Efficiencies 

With a smart safe, you will spend less time with register closeouts, money-counts, and tracking down and reconciling cash management errors. Seamless integration with POS systems makes it even more efficient, thereby providing a paper trail and ensuring that all cash deposits are accounted for.

At the end of the workday, the CashWizard will automatically record each cashier’s till balance, allowing employees to focus their efforts elsewhere.

You Get Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Due to advancements in printer and ink technologies, counterfeit money is a greater risk today than it was even 10 years ago. CashWizard comes with internal technology that gives it a much higher counterfeit accuracy detection rate than an employee with a detection pen. Best of all, the safe never gets tired, never gets distracted, and always stays vigilant.

AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safes  

CashWizard ensures a highly secure way of receiving and storing cash. Despite the increase in cashless payment systems, cash will likely remain the preferred payment option for tens of millions of people. Savvy retailers understand the multiple advantages that a smart safe offers.

Learn more about AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safes. Contact an AMSEC professional today!