A Gun Safe is a Gift for All Seasons

The holiday season is a time of excitement, celebration, and the revelry of family get-togethers, all of which make it a time to also think about safety when it comes to your firearms.

It’s understandable that gun owners want to have easy access to their firearms in case of an emergency, but it’s also the gun owner’s responsibility to have a secure, reliable place in the home to keep them.

Because the holidays are usually busier with more activity in the home, it makes sense to invest in a top quality gun safe to ensure that your guests, especially children, have no access to your firearms.

The fact is your gun or guns are expensive items that deserve to be protected and out of reach of anyone except you or a designated user. That brings us to the subject of what kind of gun safe is the best choice for you to have in your home.

The type of gun safe you select for your home is a major decision and there are several things to consider before making a purchase.

  • What to look for in a quality home safe – Exceptional design, craftsmanship, materials, certifications, and trusted reputation are key.
  • Items your gun safe will protect. Perhaps you have a single firearm or a pistol collection. Your safe can also store important documents, coin collections, cash, and jewelry. Estimating the value of what you will be storing is an important first step.
  • Understand your fire risk. If, for instance, you live within a mile of a fire station, you might want to consider a safe at the top end of the fire protection spectrum. If you live or work in an urban area and fire isn’t the biggest concern, you might need only a 30-minute fire safe.
  • Where will your gun safe live? Allowing sufficient room for your safe as well as clearance to open the doors for access are considerations. Other residence locations might be the garage, under a desk, in a back office, a closet, or a safe room.
  • Know what you can afford – Ask about the cost of any custom details you want before you buy. The time to ask your questions is before you make the purchase.

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Remember that a safe is an investment, so balance what you need with what you can afford. Keeping your firearms safe, as well as the people in your home is a primary goal. American Security is here to help you find the gun safe that best suits your needs and budget. To learn more, download our buying guide 5 THINGS TO BE SURE ABOUT BEFORE BUYING A GUN SAFE.

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