Knowledge base cashwizard & safewizard


When you are ready to make a Bill Reader deposit into the safe:

Prepare the bills:

  • Check bills for folds, staples, paper clips, tears, or tape
  • If the bills are folded, please unfold them
  • Remove any staples from the bills
  • Remove any paper clips from the bills
  • If the bill is torn, do not include it in the stack of bills
  • Remove any coins from between the bills

If using a bunch note feeder, prepare the bills and

  • Stack the bills so that the sides/ends do not hang out over the rest of the bills in the stack
  • Place up to 25 bills at a time in the tray
  • Lay bills flat and straight on the tray
  • If bills stop feeding, remove the stack of bills. Look for and correct any folded notes and place notes neatly back into tray.
  • If a note is rejected, then it will come out at the top of the tray on the clear, plastic slide (known as the reject tray).
Reasons for rejection:
  • Bill is foreign or not recognized
  • Bill is in bad condition

See the steps for how to make a deposit using the bill readers or bill validators.