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Safe Users Management – Auto purge

To easily manage safe users, you can configure users to Auto Purge after a set period of inactivity. This is a safe level feature that can also be configured at group or company level. Users will be deleted if they fail to log in during set amount of time and they are not set with the Purge Exempt permission.

Set Auto Purge at the safe

To Enable Purger Users at Safe:

  1. Log in
  2. Press – Admin
  3. Press 1 – User Management
  4. Press 7 – Purge Users
  5. Press 2 – Purge Setup
  6. Press Yes to enable
  7. Scroll down once to select Inactivity Period and type the number of days desired in 3-digit format and press Save.

Example: for 90 days enter 090. After 10 days of not logging in, users will be deleted.

Set Auto Purge in the cloud

  1. Log into the cloud Portal
  2. This is a safe level feature that can also be configured at a group or company level. Select the Safe, Group or Company, as appropriate
  3. Select Access Settings


  1. Towards the bottom of this page, there is a section called Other Settings,
    1. Checkmark the checkbox Enable Auto Purge User.
    2. Set the User Inactive Period to the desired number of days. NOTE: Users that have not logged into safe by this set number of days will be deleted.
  2. Save

Purge Exempt Permission

Select users can be set to be exempt from this Auto Purge feature by managing the user’s permissions. By default, the Manager profiles and Couriers are set to be Purge Exempt. This configuration, like all safe users configurations can be modified in the safe or the cloud.