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Change PIN

Each user is assigned a user ID. Each user owns their own PIN, a unique 6 digit code used to authenticate into the safe. You can think of your User ID as your safe “username” and your PIN as your “password.” Follow the steps below to change your user PIN.

  1. 8 Digit PIN (User ID No. and PIN) ENTER + Note: As the Cashier enters the PIN, asterisks will appear across the screen above the word LOCKED. If the wrong key is pressed or a key is missed, the following error message will appear: “PIN-only Users Must Enter User ID No. (2-digits) PIN (6-digits) in sequence and then press the ENTER key.
  2. Select 3 – Administration
  3. Select 5 – Change Your PIN – see acceptable PINs info
  4. Enter in Old 6 Digit PIN
    Note: Do not use your 2 digit ID Number
  5. Enter in New 6 Digit PIN
  6. Confirm New 6 Digit PIN

Your New PIN is now your 2 digit User ID number + New 6 digit PIN.

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