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Counterfeit Bill Detection

Enable Counterfeit Detection to quickly verify a note without actually making a deposit. Suspicious notes are always rejected, regardless of whether the Counterfeit Detection feature is enabled or not. This feature is to aid you in early detection of suspicious notes. When enabled, the CashWizard safe display shows CD in the bottom right on the screen.

How it works:

1.Press the far right or 4th soft-key underneath CD on the screen.

2. Bill reader(s) lights will turn Solid Green and the display will read “Feed Bills Now”.

3. Feed one note at a time. The note will go into the reader and then it will be returned. The display will indicate if the note is verified as good or suspect. All notes are returned when using the CD feature, the message on the screen will confirm the notes validity.

In this picture the $100 inserted note is determined to be valid.

In this picture the $1 inserted note is determined to be suspicious, if a deposit was attempted with this note, it’d be rejected.

Enable Counterfeit Detection

Follow the steps below at the safe or see the linked PDF or video with steps for the cloud:

  1. Press 3 Admin
  2. Press 4 Factory Settings
  3. Press 6 Cash Management
  4. Press 4 Counterfeit Detection
  5. Press YES to enable – should read “Y”

Remember – Counterfeit Detection does NOT collect or count notes. CD ONLY TESTS for VALID or SUSPICIOUS notes.