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Bill Reader – Light Behavior

The purpose of this article is to describe the various light behaviors and their corresponding meaning.

Red – Hard fault – One of the note acceptors needs technical assistance
Yellow – Soft fault – The operator can correct the issue at the machine
Green – No fault – No problem with the note acceptor

LED Indicators Status You Need To
Solid Green Normal Take no Action
1 Flash Green Disabled by machine interface Fix the machine condition
2 Flash Green Disabled by network interface (if applicable) Correct the network condition
Solid Yellow Cashbox not seated or not present Re-seat the cashbox/cassette
1 Flash Yellow Poor acceptance Clean the acceptor
2 Flash Yellow Jam in acceptor Clear the jam from the acceptor
3 Flash Yellow Jam in cashbox Remove the acceptor and try to clear jam
Solid Red Cashbox full Empty the cashbox
1 Flash Red Acceptor fault Call American Security Support
2 Flash Red Interface board hardware fault Call American Security Support
3 Flash Red Invalid Config, Coupon Call American Security Support
Green-yellow-Red Solid lights Hardware fault Call American Security Support
Green and Red Flashing In calibration mode Call American Security Support