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Cloud user reset passcode

Cloud users can reset their own passcode or ask another cloud user, typically the company Admin user to reset the password for them.

Resetting your passcode without logging in

1 – On the cloud Portal, enter your Username and click on Next 

2 – Click on  Forgot Passcode

3 – You will be asked to answer one of your security questions. Submit your response and click on Next

4 – You will be prompted to check your email. A temporary passcode will be sent to email linked to profile

5 – You will receive an email from “AMSEC” with subject line: “Your Temporary Passcode” The email will contain the new passcode with login instructions, do to share this.

NOTE: the temporary Passcode is only valid for 24hrs and must be changed before the time and date stated in email

6 – Go back to the Portal. Enter your Username and click on Next. This will take you to the Change Passcode screen where you will enter the NEW TEMPORARY passcode that was emailed to you, followed by your new chosen passcode. Enter your new chosen passcode a second time and select Save Changes

You can now login using your new passcode

Resetting your passcode once you logged in

1 – On the top right corner of the screen, click on your username. A drop-down will appear.

2 – Click on Profile

3 – Enter your current passcode and click on Submit

4 – “Change Passcode” screen will appear. Enter your current passcode followed by your new passcode and Confirm the new passcode. Save Changes


You can now login using your new passcode


Steps for an Admin user to reset someone else’s passcode