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American Security safes are configured to allow specific access and permissions determined by either user login credentials or registered key serial numbers. Keys serial numbers are unique and 16 digit alphanumeric combinations. The numbers are engraved in the circular metal piece of the keys and can be visible to the naked eye, in proper lighting.

In the example here, the number can be read as 4B 00000024834B 01. To read the number correctly, follow a U shape, starting at the top left read the first 2 digits and then the 12 digits underneath, followed by the 2 digits above on the right. Note that the 2 large digits at tbe bottom part of the circle are not part of the serial number here.

Courier Keys produced by American Security are green and physically tagged with both: the safe serial number and the Company and Location number. See pictures below.

Courier Key - Company & Location

Instructions on how to perform Courier operations at the safe step by step instructions: PDF and Video.

To confirm that the correct key for a safe is being used, a manager user can print the safe user list from the safe, this contains the courier user’s key serial number. Learn how to print the Users List here.