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Shifts allow users to view safe activity in reports broken into defined shifts or group of hours. Read below to learn about how shifts work to determine if this is a beneficial feature to your business.

  • The safe business day can be configured to be split in up-to 6 shifts. By default, this feature is off, or there is only 1 24hrs shift. If there is only one shift then it’s start and end times match the business day.
  • If shifts are configured, these are applicable everyday, regardless of the weekday.
  • This is a safe level configuration and is agnostic to the logged in user performing the action.
  • Shifts can be configured in the safe or in the cloud.

How to split up the day

  • Shift must add up to 24 hrs. By default the shift hours will be calculated by 24 hrs divided by the number of shifts. 
  • If there are 6 configured shifts, then by default each shift will be set 4 hrs long (24 hrs divided by 6 shifts), these can be manually adjusted, their duration can be different from each other.
  • The last shift of the day ends at End Of Day, if the EOD time is updated the shifts will adjust accordingly.

Eg: If EOD time is set to 3 AM and shift is configured as 6, Then the shift hours will be as follows,

Shift 1 : 3AM to 7AM

Shift 2 : 7AM to 11 AM

Shift 3 : 11 AM to 3 PM

Shift 4 : 3 PM to 7 PM

Shift 5 : 7 PM to 11 PM

Shift 6 : 11 PM to 3 AM

  • If any shift ends manually before the configured time, the remaining time on the shift will be added to the next shift.
  • In the example above, if shift 1 ends manually at 6AM, the second shift will start at 6 AM (instead of 7am) but it will keep it’s set end time of 11 AM becoming 1 hour longer, a 5 hour shift instead of 4 hours.
  • If the user ends the last shift before configured time, a 7th shift will start automatically and it will end at EOD.

Related Configurations available:

    1. Auto close shift: End shift automatically at configured time – Yes / No
    2. Auto Print shift: Print shift report automatically when a shift ends – Yes / No
    3. Manual Close Shift: Can user end shift manually before configured time – Yes / No
    4. Number of Shifts: Number of shift available in safe – 1 (min) to 6 (max)

Reports where shifts are visible:

  1. Cloud:
    1. Shift Report
    2. Safe Audit Report
  1. Safe:
    1. Shift Report
    2. Safe Audit Report