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Explaining UAL

UAL stands for user access level. The purpose of UAL is to structure users in a hierarchical order to give appropriate access dependent on company role. UALs are customizable per set up sheets that are to be completed when the order is submitted. The standard UAL level is as follows:

UAL 0 – Courier/Cashier

Courier users will not have access to safe doors with their profile alone. They can only access with the assistance of a user with management level permissions. Their access level allows the bypass if time delays and time locks, once proper steps are followed

UAL 4 – Custom User  

Customer users will be able to access specific/custom doors. 

UAL 6 – Manager 

Manager users can access doors during appropriate times. They also can add/modify/delete users of a lower UAL level. This profile can be used in conjunction with the courier key to bypass time delayed and time locked doors. 

UAL 9 – Super Users/ Factory Key 

Users at this level have access to doors without time delays or time locks. They can add/modify/delete users below their UAL level. They also have access to programming features on the safe.